Expense Reimbursement Form

This form must be filled out before QAAW Board of Directors will issue cheques.  Receipts must be received, in person, by a QAAW Board Member, a show's Producer, or the Bookkeeper for QAAW.  Once you fill out this form and submit your receipts, a QAAW representative will verify the claim and issue a cheque within 48 hours.  


You may only claim 5 items per form.  Should you have more than 5 items, submit as many forms as needed.  One cheque in the total amount will be issued.  We would prefer regular updates on project expenses, so please submit forms as regularly as possible to avoid submitting multiple forms in one sitting.  We understand you may have more than 5 items in one purchase, in which case you will need to submit multiple forms, but we expect this is the exception to the rule.

PLEASE DO NOT claim more than one item in each item section.  Our tracking system works on an item by item basis.

Please fill out all information.  Forms without complete information may not be accepted for reimbursement.

Please note: if you have bought something in bulk (paint, material, nails, etc), any and all unused product belongs to QAAW and must be returned as such to a QAAW representative as listed above.  We cannot issue cheques for full amounts of bulk product without receipt of the unused product.

Thank you for your continued support of Quick As A Wink Theatre Society.  We could not exist without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.