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Do you have ideas for us? Have you seen something you think could be improved? How was your experience with our box offices? Did you have trouble finding the theatre? Are you completely in love with our shows and want to tell us?  Whatever the case, fill out this form below and we will get your message to the board of directors and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  Without feedback we do not know what needs fixed and what does not need fixed, so please, talk to us. :) 

To contact Quick As A Wink Theatre Society, please click the black button below, or take a browse through the list of directors and match your topic of interest to their portfolio and feel free to email that person directly! Can't wait to hear from you!

The Board of Directors - 2018

michael nelson

President and Chair

Committee: Arts Education (C), Building Assets

E-Mail: mnelson@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Governing Board Chair, Summer Camps, Workshops, Seminars, School Partnerships.

Active Since: 2015

jeannie myles


Committee: Communications

E-Mail: jmyles@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Governing Board Vice-Chair, Fundraising Events, Off-stage Events, Social Media, Graphic Design, Print Assets.

Active Since: 2016

mark wainman

treasurer and Business Secretary

Committee: Communication (C), Building Assets (C)

E-Mail: mwainman@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Pub Trivia, Building and Land Assets, Financial Reporting, Social Media, Web Assets, External Communications, Ticket Sales and Box Offices, Print Assets, Employment, Assistant System Administrator.

Active Since: 2013

david myles

system administrator

Committee: Artistic (C)

E-Mail: dmyles@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Intranet System Administration, Play Selection, Play Reading Committee, Costumes, Stage Assets and Donations, Ghost Walks.

Active Since: 2017


holly PYE


Committee: Fundraising and Events

E-Mail: hpye@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Fundraising Events, Off-stage Events.

Active Since: 2016

jennifer alexander


Committee: Fundraising and Events (C)

E-Mail: jalexander@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Fundraising Events, Off-stage Events.

Active Since: 2017

Joel Dauphinee


Committee: Grants

E-Mail: jdauphinee@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Grants.

Active Since: 2018


karen harding


Committee: Arts Education

E-Mail: kharding@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Summer Camps, Workshops, Seminars, School Partnerships.

Active Since: 2018

ally loiselle


Committee: Communication, Arts Education

E-Mail: aloiselle@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Summer Camps, Workshops, Seminars, School Partnerships, Social Media

Active Since: 2018

andy woolaver


Committee: Grants (C)

E-Mail: awoolaver@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Grants.

Active Since: 2018

liz galbraith


Committee: Volunteer

E-Mail: lgalbraith@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Volunteer recruitment.

Active Since: 2018

toven maclean (Non-director)

artistic director

Committee: Artistic

E-Mail: tmaclean@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Play Selection, Play Reading Committee, Costumes.

sara alexander (non-director)

Bookkeeping; Advisor to Board


E-Mail: sralexander@qaaw.ca

Portfolio: Bookkeeping, Record Keeping and reports, Canada Post, Insurance, Taxes.