Little Shop of Horrors Puppets and Cinderella Costumes for rent

Quick As A Wink Theatre has all four stages of puppets available for Rent

Stage 1:  This plant is operated by a puppeteer from underneath the counter/table.  The plant can grow upwards at the end of the song "Grow For Me" 

Stage 2:  This plant is operated by the actor, Seymour.  There is a fake arm which is attached to the side of the pot, and the actor can operate the puppet with his right hand though a hidden compartment.  Other theatres could create their own jacket if our does not fit your actor

Stage 3:  This plant is operated with the puppeteer sitting cross legged on a chair, inside the plant.  The puppeteer wears vines on his legs and he can uncross his legs and make the plant come alive. 

Stage 4:  This plant has the puppeteer operating the plant from behind.  There is a built in slide for Mr. Mushnik and Audrey to be able to slide down into the plant.   

Cinderella Costumes

A variety of "Villager" costumes in all sizes

Stepsisters and Stepmother