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YOU can pay it forward to a deserving community member who might not regularly get to experience live theatre.  Better yet, we will match every Pay It Forward ticket sold!

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quick as a wink theatre society announces pay it forward program  

WINDSOR, NOVA SCOTIA (November 20, 2015) - On the heels of announcing their Community Partnership Opportunity program, Quick As A Wink Theatre Society announced today that it is launching a "Pay It Forward" program: members of the public will be able to purchase Pay It Forward Tickets, which QAAW will match before awarding the tickets to local community groups.

This announcement is in line with QAAW's longstanding commitment to making arts and arts education accessible to the Avon Region and beyond.  QAAW produces four full-length shows, two summer theatre camps, and related training and workshops, while offering volunteer and membership roles for nearly 500 community members.  Nearly 5000 audience members, from Amherst to Berwick (and beyond), attend QAAW shows each season. 

"The Pay It Forward program is a way for Quick As A Wink to give back to the community who has supported us for well over a decade," says Mark Wainman, Communications Officer and Board Member.  "This year we have really focused on initiatives aimed at increasing the reach of live theatre, specifically to community groups supporting members who may not regularly be exposed to this kind of event."  Members of the public can purchase a ticket through the Pay It Forward program and QAAW will give those tickets to a deserving community group.  Quick As A Wink has committed to matching every Pay It Forward ticket purchased, doubling the amount of community members exposed to the shows.  

Earlier in the season, Quick As A Wink  announced a Community Partnership Opportunity program aimed at local businesses.  "We used to ask businesses to sponsor our events in exchange for advertising," explains Wainman, "but the return on investment could have been higher for the sponsors; Their advertising budgets need to be maximized, and we wanted to increase their benefit."  The Board of Directors went to work developing the Community Partnership Opportunity program.  "Local businesses can now partner with QAAW by claiming blocks of tickets to be given to local community groups.  We added a Thursday show which will only be open to the free ticket holders from the Community Partnership Opportunity and now the Pay It Forward program."  Businesses also receive a pre-determined number of the newly introduced Season Ticket packages they can use to reward employees and clients.  

For more information on these programs, email the Communication Department at  To Pay It Forward, press Add To Cart to the left of this article!