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Quick As A Wink Theatre Society is holding open auditions for their upcoming production of Legally Blonde.

Legally Blonde will be presented in May/June 2019.  Director Thea Burton is looking for fun, enthusiastic singers and dancers.

No experience necessary.  Quick As A Wink prides itself on taking actors of all skill levels, from first timers to experienced actors, and teaching skills required to perform for a live audience.  Our mission includes the education of community members in theatre and performing arts!  

When: Auditions will be held the following time:

Tuesday, January 15th, 2018. 6-8 pm - King’s-Edgehill School Theatre

Wednesday, January 16th, 2018. 6-8 pm - King’s-Edgehill School Theatre

Wednesday, January 30th, 2018 6-8 pm - King’s-Edgehill School Theatre

Contact the Production team to arrange an alternate audition if you are not available for these dates

What is Expected: Please plan to attend the entire audition time on your evening of choice. Those interested in a speaking role will be asked to perform readings with other auditioners. Monologue not required, but there will be cold readings available.

All those auditioning are asked to prepare a 30 second song of their choosing. Those auditioning will be taught a short dance routine, wear comfortable clothes to dance in.

There are many ensemble roles, however all characters are university aged and older. Only those who are 15 years and older are eligible to audition for this production.

All auditions should be prepared acapella (without accompaniment)



  • Director Thea Burton. Produced by Toven MacLean per Quick As A Wink Theatre Society.

  • Rehearsals will be held in Windsor and are scheduled for Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., starting in February

  • "Tech Week" rehearsals will be Saturday, May 25th to the first show date Thursday, May 30th.   

  • Show dates will be May 30, May 31, June 1, June 7, June 8  at 7 p.m. with special 2 p.m. matinees June 1, June 2, and June 8.

  • There may be one rehearsal between the two show weekends.  

  • Full attendance during the rehearsal process and during production week is a requirement.  Attendance concerns should be brought to the attention of the production team well in advance of the conflict date.

  • All participants will be given a rehearsal schedule.  Conflicts should be brought to the attention of the production team immediately upon receipt of this schedule.

  • Questions can be addressed to the producer, Toven MacLean, at

  • Visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information and updates!

  • Roles Available:

Legally Blonde is a large production with 18-20 parts available, with a mix of all vocal ranges and abilities. Several roles require physicality & dance experience.

Anyone may request to audition for any role; the director will use discretion in who she sees for specific auditions.

Elle Woods (Mezzo-Soprano): Bubbly& dramatic. Blonde hair not required, but helpful. Lead female, college aged.
Enid Hoopes (Mezzo-Soprano): A Harvard Law student and extreme feminist. Featured Female, college-aged.
Margot, Serena, Pilar (Soprano): Elle's Delta Nu sorority sisters and closest friends. Featured females, college-aged.
Paulette (Mezzo-Soprano): Brash, caring, optimistic hair stylist. Supporting Female, reads 25-35.
Vivienne Kensington (Mezzo-Soprano): A smart, savvy, and uptight law student. Supporting Female, college-aged.
Brooke Wyndam (Mezzo-Soprano): An exercise video mogul and former sorority girl. Energetic, charismatic, on trial for murder. Good cardiovascular strength/endurance are a plus; she belts while conducting a workout. Supporting Female, reads 25-35.
Emmett Forrest (Tenor): A smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing. Charming, quirky, and friendly guy with good comic timing. Lead Male, college aged.
Professor Callahan (Baritone): Pompous, sleazy, and manipulative law professor. Embodies “lawyer as a shark”. Supporting Male, middle-aged.
Warner Huntington III (Tenor): A good-looking but shallow and pompous guy. Lead Male, college aged.
Kyle: The UPS guy. Tall, broad-shouldered, muscular, highly masculine individual with a matching speaking voice. Ability to learn dance. Reads 25-35.
Ensemble: Greek Chorus; Students (Kate, Grand Master Chad, Aaron Schultz, Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan); Delta Nu Members; Defense Team; Salon Folks; Parade Folks; Nikos Argitakos, Carlos, Mr. and Mrs. Woods etc

Volunteer Positions Available:

Costume Team - We are need of several volunteers to help sew and design costumes, as well as go shopping at second hand stores looking for specific items.
Scenic Designer - We are in need of someone to design and to take the lead on the scenic painting team.
Scenic Painters - We are in need of several painters for set scenes
Publicity - Someone to take charge of the publicity for the production
Set Construction - We are always looking for new volunteers to help the team build the set.
Front of House - Volunteers needed to work with Jan and Yvonne, our FOH Managers.
Back Stage Crew - Move sets, organize props, manage actor entrances and exits.
So much more... - email if you can help in any way!

Note: It is the policy of the QAAW Board of Directors to not discuss casting decisions with outside persons.

Use of Collected Information

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