QAAW Summer Blog: Employability and Making Camp Plans

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This past Wednesday and Thursday, Elle and I were in the city at an employability workshop for students that is part of a two day pilot project. We learned all about the ten ‘soft’ skills that employers look for but that they won’t teach you. Elle mentioned them in her update, so definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it!

The workshop was a really great opportunity to learn more about how to better yourself as an employee, and it focuses on teaching post-secondary students about how to apply these skills in their workplace. From simple ice breakers to an intense game of Jenga, we did many fun activities to strengthen these skills and to better understand them. Elle and I also made a couple new friends named Sophie and Jacuzzi. Both of them are dogs with jobs! Sophie is a therapy dog who hangs around the work space to help anyone with high anxiety or to just help her fellow human coworkers de-stress and put a smile on their face. Jacuzzi is a guide dog who helps her human navigate their way around. Apparently Jacuzzi has only ever barked twice at the office and she spent most of her time in the workshop room looking for human food that she isn’t allowed to have. Both were very sweet girls and are doing very important work, and as Elle and I are both huge dog lovers, I had to mention them.

Besides attending this awesome workshop, I have been getting ready for camps! I’m making a list with Ally of all the things we’ll need get to make our camp crafts. I am also getting ready to have our auditions for camps next week, and I am so excited to meet all of those that didn't make it to the Audition Workshop with Mike Butler last Tuesday.

Happy Summer!