QAAW Summer Blog: Social Media and Getting Out in the Community

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Elle here! I have been very busy lately, like my fellow summer students! They have been preparing for the summer camps non-stop, while I host trivia weekly and have been attending the farmer’s market in Windsor on Sunday’s on behalf of Quick As A Wink! As well, you may have noticed a sharp increase in the rate of posting on Facebook, and a bit of a revamp to our Instagram page. I have been tasked with maintaining these two, and as a young millennial, the job comes somewhat naturally. Social media is an effective way of promoting and broadcasting messages, which is why we use it to also highlight our lovely community partners. I have also begun developing our plan to gain more community partners this year to help us do what we do, both on and off stage.

Dracula rehearsals have been going well, and I have been attending them all to video the progress of the actors. Soon, I will get the privilege of interviewing all of the actors so that the community can gain insight on who the cast is!

That’s all for now,