QAAW Summer Blog: Meet Morgandy!

morgandy blog.JPG

Hello, my name is Morgandy! I am a Music student at Acadia University with a focus in Music Education with a principle applied in clarinet. I am beyond excited to be working for Quick As A Wink this summer!

Even though I am studying clarinet, I also love singing! I was in the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir from 2011-2017 and the have been in the Nova Scotia Youth Choir ever since the 2016 season; I am returning this year as Alto section leader for the second time in a row. Aside from choirs, I also love musical theatre, and I have been involved in theatre since my first musical in grade 5. Most musicals I have been in, I’ve been onstage, but I have also done backstage work in the past, and recently I had my first experience playing in a pit band.

This summer, I have helped making set pieces for Legally Blonde, as well as helping backstage for one show and working the spotlight for another. I have also toured schools with Elle hoping to recruit some new campers and promoting the summer camps. Now that Legally Blonde has finished, I am mainly planning for the summer camps by making schedules, picking props and costumes, and other tasks in order to ensure that all three camps run smoothly and are lots of fun for everyone who comes!

I am really looking forward to the camps, as I have been to a few theatre camps in the past and I always had a blast, and I hope I can do that for all of our incoming campers this year!