Summer Student Blog Post: Fun at Musical Theatre Camp!

Hello wonderful blog readers!


Only 3 more days of musical camp and things are in full swing. Our campers have been rehearsing non-stop and they’ve made some major progress. We’ve got a few more wrinkles to work out in the next few days, but I’m sure that by Friday we’ll have a fabulous show to perform for everyone.

Last night, Holly and I took a trip to the building to finalize the costumes. I love searching through the building and looking at all the wonderful pieces that Quick As A Wink has. There are always so many exciting costumes that I would love to use that we simply don’t need for our show. Maybe someday down the road I’ll be able to help out with costumes for one of Quick As A Wink’s mainstage shows!

Jenn Alexander and Jeannie Myles visited yesterday and Monday to help our campers learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of a production. On Monday Jenn hosted a rousing game of stage manager/producer trivia, and then yesterday, Jenn and Jeannie worked with our campers on creating set designs! There is soooo much that goes on behind the scenes of a Quick As A Wink production, and it’s important to realise how much work that we don’t see goes on, and that we should give better recognition to our producers and stage managers for how much work they do!

I’ve been working hard trying to learn all the songs for our production on Friday, so I better get back to practicing!

Til next time,