Summer Student Blog Post: Musical Theatre Camp has begun!!

Hello Everyone!


Musical Theatre camp has begun, and we are all having such a great time together! We began on Monday, and we have grown so much as a group, and I can already see such a difference in the campers since their first day, and we are just one week in. I cannot wait for everyone to see their final performance next week. We have soloists singing, some folks who are preparing monologues, duets, trios, and of course we have our group numbers! We have a challenging set for the campers, but they are pulling it all together, and it looks so amazing. 

We focused a lot this week on some choreography for Time Warp, from Rocky Horror, and they even got me dancing in this piece… and I do not dance haha. But it was so much fun! This has been my favorite part of camp thus far, I would say. Laura Gillis really did such a great job figuring out the choreography for this piece, and the campers are doing such an amazing job doing it, I’m not sure how they are able to do it all.

The solo pieces are also coming along so great! Some of the kids even have the songs memorized, and they have only had their songs for a week with the script! It really is amazing what these young kids can do. It’s also amazing how the kids are able to do all the dancing and everything in this heat as well… It has been so hot in the church, so this makes days for popsicles and freezies, which the campers, and leaders, enjoy as well. 


We are always having fun at camp, and at this camp we are still playing lots of games. It is so fun and hilarious to see what the kids come up with. One of the favorites seem to be the game freeze, which is a fun improv game. The game starts with two people making up a scene on the spot, and at any moment, someone can say the word “freeze,” and the game pauses, and that person taps someone out, and they replace them and make up another scene on the spot. It is so great to see where the campers can take the game, and where their minds go. Another favorite game, and possibly my favorite game, is called “G’day Bruce”, and you need to say “G’day Bruce” in an Australian accent. Of course there is more to the game, but it would be too hard to explain over a blog, but trust me, it is really fun!

The campers had the opportunity to try on their costumes this week, and we had a lot of fun with this. It’s always awesome to see the campers with their costumes, as then they really can get into their different characters. 

It has been so awesome this last week spending time with the kids, and next week is our last week already!! With our final performance on Friday, the 3rd, I would love to see the theatre packed so everyone can see the amazing talented campers perform! 

That's all for now!