Summer Student Blog Post: Getting Ready For Camps!

Hello everyone!

Even though Seussical is over, I am still singing almost every song from the production. It was such an amazing show, and I miss it! However, there are plenty more things to do to keep me busy. The past few weeks I have been busy getting the play ready for when the kids come to camp! We have decided what to do for the play… and we have decided to do Alice In Wonderland! Shelby and I have been setting up the schedule for the One Week Theatre camp, coming up with different games to play, crafts to make, and how we can put on a great production for the final show for everyone to come and see! 

With a production comes a lot of preparation, including what props to use for the play, what costumes everyone is going to wear, and then we need to decide what everyone’s role will be! We did auditions for both Drama Camp and Musical Theatre Camp and they were fantastic!! Lots of kids came and showed their energy and smiles on stage. There were also so many amazing singers! Such talent from everyone- this was so great to see. I think my favorite part of the auditions was seeing the kids show their “sassy” side when one of us asked them to say a certain line. They really rocked this part! Everyone did such a great job, and everyone for the one week drama camp should have been notified by email with what their individual part will be.

This past week Shelby and I have also been in the Quick As A Wink storage building looking for anything we can use for the Drama Camp and the Musical Theatre Camp. We have been finding a few things here and there, but we will still need to look for more fun things we can use. We have also been organizing the place… there are so many things stored in that little building! It is fascinating. 

The past two weeks I also hosted Trivia Night at the Spit Fire Arms Pub in Windsor for the first time. This was a lot of fun, and I shared many laughs with everyone. The two themes were, Everything with the Letter S, and Animals. The animals theme ended with a tie-breaker, and a member from the two teams had to make an “animal sound” as their buzz, it was hilarious. Always a fun time with everyone. 

Last week, myself and Shelby also helped out with the first Ghost Walk of the season! We were able to walk along with Jerome and listen to all of the amazing stories. Such a fun and spooky night. 

And my last note, I hope everyone had a great Canada Day Weekend, and a great first week of July. The weather has been gorgeous, a little too hot for some people, so I hope you all are wearing your sunscreen!

Have a great rest of your week everyone,


Picture of Jerome the Gravekeeper and one of the ghosts telling a story  Photo credits: Holly Lohnes

Picture of Jerome the Gravekeeper and one of the ghosts telling a story

Photo credits: Holly Lohnes