Spotlight on ... Shelby Marshall!

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Today’s “Spotlight” is on the lovely and talented Shelby Marshall!

Shelby has been a part of our Quick As A Wink community for roughly four years. “I first joined Quick As A Wink when I was asked to play violin in the pit for the 2014 Winkie Awards,” Shelby says. “I had a fantastic time, and I kept coming back for more! In 2015, I got to arrange a bit of music for Cinderella and play in the pit band for You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. In 2016, I got to play in [the pit for] The Little Mermaid, and then later I worked for Quick As A Wink as a summer student.”

While a lot of Shelby’s involvement with QAAW has been on the music side, her favorite memory is one associated with the social connections that come with the arts. “My favorite Quick As A Wink memory is when I got to walk in the Apple Blossom Festival Parade [in 2015] as a replacement Lucy Van Pelt with the rest of the You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown cast,” Shelby says. “I played in the pit band for that show, and it was nice having the opportunity to get to know the rest of the cast!”

The social aspect of theatre and the ability to connect is what keeps Shelby coming back time and time again. “What I love most about theatre is how collaborative it is and how it brings communities together,” she says. “You can’t put on a show all by yourself. Theatre requires collaborative effort to be successful, and when you create and perform with other people, you create stronger connections with them. You learn to work as part of a collective, and you feel part of something greater than yourself. I love the community that builds up around theatre productions and organizations. It creates a family that can work together on something that they love.”

Though every show allows Shelby to connect with her theatre family, she still has a few specific productions she would especially like to be part of! “I’m a big fan of Cole Porter, and I would love to work on Anything Goes; the dancing in that show is amazing!” Shelby says. “If I were to take a turn on stage, though, I think I could do justice to Samuel Seabury from Hamilton.”

Shelby has been away from Quick As A Wink for the last short while due to working on some other exciting projects. “At the moment I am still in school, studying to be an orchestral conductor,” she says. “Being part of pit bands with Quick As A Wink and other organizations made me want to work as a music director, either in opera or musical theatre. I’m going to be part of the Canadian Operatic Arts Academy this summer as an assistant conductor; we’re doing selections from Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park, and I’m really excited.”

Of course, Shelby has other interests outside of the arts. “When I’m not making music, I love to ride horses in Falmouth!” she says.

Thanks so much for all your contributions to Quick As A Wink Theatre Society, Shelby! We are so appreciative for all your work, and cannot wait to work with you again very soon!

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