Summer Student Blog Post: Drama Camp Continues ...

Peek-a-boo! Having fun at the Blockhouse. Photo credit: Ally Loiselle

Peek-a-boo! Having fun at the Blockhouse.
Photo credit: Ally Loiselle

Hello again, everyone! It’s time for another Drama Camp update! Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous blog post and shared such kind words; it made me so happy to hear that your children are enjoying camp as much as we are!

Camp continues to be very busy, but also very fun. The last couple days have been spent hard at work rehearsing scenes from the show, making props, and singing our hearts out as we learn the camp song. Camp leader Olivia also taught our campers their choreography to the final song yesterday afternoon, so we can now add dancing to the list of activities as well!

The jokes and funny stories continue to pile up, as well. From ad-libbed lines to silly poses in drama games, there is rarely a moment where at least one of us isn’t laughing. Some notable funny instances from today included all our campers loudly clapping chanting “MANGO MANGO MANGO!” while circling the room during a game, the actors playing our gnome characters trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to to run and sing their gnome song at high speed, and a series of exaggerated and hilarious faces during a game of “Graveyard.” There is never a dull moment here at camp!

Our full cast of campers at the end of our trip! Photo credit: Ally Loiselle

Our full cast of campers at the end of our trip!
Photo credit: Ally Loiselle

In addition to having fun, though, our campers have also been taking their roles very seriously and learning a lot about their characters. Yesterday involved a series of activities that encouraged our actors to think about, explore, and create their characters’ personalities and histories. A lot of wonderful and creative material came out of it; for example, two actresses determined that their characters must be estranged sisters, another girl learned how deeply her character valued magic, and another camper determined the reason her character eventually became evil. It’s been so rewarding to watch the campers learn, grow, and become excited about their roles; it’s just one of the many things I love about this job!

Everyone has been working very hard this week, so today we also travelled up to the Fort Edward Blockhouse to take a well-deserved break from rehearsing, spend some time outside, and learn about some local history! It was very warm outside, so we didn’t stay for too long, but it was nice to get out of the church for a little while and enjoy the sunshine! The trip was made even better when we returned and had some lovely frozen Freezies waiting for us. What a productive day!

Camp is truly picking up speed, now; with only two days of camp left already (where has the time gone??), tomorrow we will be doing two full run-throughs of the show and having our campers rehearse without the use of their scripts. It’s so exciting that the final performance is so close!

I likely won’t be able to post again until following the final performance – there is still a lot to prepare! – but you can expect an update from me sometime next week regarding show night. However, why wait for my blog post on the subject when you can some see the show for yourself? Our Drama Camp performance of Holka Polka is open to the public by free will donation and happens this Friday at 7:30pm at KES. These kids have been working hard and deserve a huge audience to see all they have accomplished!

In non-camp related news, last night was also the Pub Trivia Season Finale! Congratulations to the Meeples on their well-deserved win; what an amazing season you played! A huge thank you to all our regular teams who repeatedly come out to play and support us; we hope to see you all for the next Trivia season, which starts THIS TUESDAY (August 1st)!

I’m off for now; lots to do before Friday!

Cheers until next time!