Drama Camp Spotlight (3/3): Meet Joni!

Photo credit: Keshia Laffin

Photo credit: Keshia Laffin

It’s time to meet one last member of the cast of this summer’s QAAW Drama Camp production! Meet Joni, the sweet young actress who will be playing the role of Brenda in this Friday’s performance of Holka Polka!

Joni has taken the Quick As A Wink stage many times over the past few years. “I’ve performed in three other of these Quick As A Wink camps [2014’s Captains and Crews, 2015’s Charlotte’s Web, and 2016’s Beauty is Beast], and I’ve performed in Quick As A Wink’s Annie [2016] and The Music Man [2017, as Amaryllis],” she says. “I’ve also done a bunch of other summer camps. At another church in Windsor, I played the role of Rachel Awesome, which is pretty much a girl character of Richard Dawson.”

Joni’s character, Brenda, is a young and kind witch who sets out to wake the prince from a sleeping spell and save the reputation of all the witches in Fairytale Land. “I play Brenda, and one of my favorite things about her is that she is really kind and nice and quirky sometimes,” Joni says.

When it comes to acting, there is very little Joni doesn’t enjoy. “[I like] pretty much everything about acting,” she says. “I like singing and dancing, and I just like performing for everyone else!”

When not onstage, Joni pursues a series of diverse interests. “I go to Avon Dance Academy, so one of my hobbies is dancing,” she says. “I’m in 4H, and also I take swimming lessons.”

Joni has been enjoying her role as Brenda so far. "A big thank you to Quick As A Wink for giving me this opportunity!" she says. Joni looks forward to performing for an audience this Friday and hopes to see you there!

Don’t miss your chance to see Joni and her fellow campers perform! Holka Polka opens Friday, July 28th at 7:30pm at the KES Fountain Theatre. Admission is by free will donation. Come out and see all the hard work our campers have put in over the past week!