Drama Camp Spotlight (2/3): Meet Kevin!

Photo credit: Keshia Laffin

Photo credit: Keshia Laffin

It’s time to meet another one of our great Drama Camp performers! Meet Kevin, the charming young actor who will be playing the role of the Wolf in this Friday’s production of Holka Polka!

Kevin is no stranger to the stage; you may remember him from his role as Nick in QAAW’s 2016 Drama Camp performance of Beauty is a Beast! He also appeared in productions of Hansel and Gretl and The Three Musketeers.

Kevin’s character, the Wolf, is a misunderstood creature who joins his new friends Brenda and Cindy on a quest to wake the prince from a sleeping spell. Kevin has been having a lot of fun with this character. “I play the Wolf, and I like it because they’re actually telling a real thing,” he says. “Like, wolves aren’t really that bad; they just do what humans do, basically! They hunt, and they do what they need to do to survive!”

Kevin says his favorite thing about theatre is the way it is able to bring words to life. “It’s just really cool to act out a story!” he says. “I just really like it.”

When he isn’t onstage, Kevin has a number of different ways he likes to spend his time. “I play video games!” he says. “And I like when my cousins come over; that’s really nice. And I like my pets!”

Kevin is looking forward to the final performance this Friday and would like to encourage you to come see the show!

Don’t miss your chance to see Kevin and his fellow campers perform! Holka Polka opens this Friday at 7:30pm at the KES Fountain Theatre. Admission is by free will donation. Come out and see all the hard work our campers have put in over the past week!