Summer Student Blog Post: The Down-low on Day One!

Some of our campers hard at work completing their magic wan crafts!  PHOTO CREDIT: Ally Loiselle

Some of our campers hard at work completing their magic wan crafts!

PHOTO CREDIT: Ally Loiselle

Hello, everyone!

Today was our first day of Drama Camp, and it was so much fun! I’m pretty tired after such a busy day, but I had a specific request from a camper that I post a blog update (Hi, Gretchen!) so I couldn’t stay away! We had a pretty packed day, so I’ll do my best to fill you in on as much as I can. (Apologies in advance for any typos!)

Wand making is serious business.  PHOTO CREDIT: Ally Loiselle

Wand making is serious business.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ally Loiselle

This morning, the campers, my fellow leaders, and I all played a series of games to get to know one another. After this, we had our first read-through of the script. Even with a lot of these campers only seeing their parts for the first time today, it went surprisingly smoothly. Characters were coming to life before we had even added any blocking or done any character work! The natural talent in this group is truly remarkable.

We then played some games (including, yes, the already frequently requested Whoosh!), and had a lesson on how to use gesture, posture, face, and body positioning to best convey a character. This was followed by a fun craft: magic wands! You can see some photos in this post of campers hard at work on their creations. These wands will be used as props in the show, so be sure to keep an eye open for them when you attend our final production on Friday at 7:30pm!

This afternoon, we got down to work learning our camp song and blocking our first few scenes. I have to say, I have never encountered a group that enjoys blocking so much! My groups repeatedly asked me, “Can we run the scene again? Can we start at the beginning?” each time we concluded, eager to continue rehearsing and to perfect their performances. Additionally, at the end of the day when I asked our campers what their favorite activity from the day had been, the majority actually expressed learning their blocking! In previous years, the response has overwhelmingly been “playing games,” so this was a surprise; this group is so dedicated to their craft!

Of course, despite it being only day one, we have already been blessed with a series of hilarious comments and one liners. For example, during one game wherein the campers had to guess who was dictating a series of movements, the camper is question told the camper guessing, “It’s actually me,” and when all rest of the campers exclaimed, “Why did you tell her?? You spoiled it!!”, he responded, “IT WAS REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. YOU SPOILED IT.” I was in stitches.

Overall, a very productive and busy first day! Tomorrow, we will continue rehearsing, make more crafts, learn the choreography to our camp song, and work on exploring and developing our characters. It’s sure to be fun!

Outside of camp, I am also very excited that the QAAW Pub Trivia finale is tomorrow night at 7pm at The Spitfire Arms! My team has no chance of winning this year (last year we managed to snag second overall!), but you can be sure that I will be in attendance! I always have so much fun playing, and finale night is always full of twists and turns. Even if you are not a regular player, you should certainly come out tomorrow night! It’s guaranteed to be a fun time, and new players/teams are always welcome.

I have a bit more last-minute camp prep to complete tonight, so now I must be going. Check in to our social media accounts throughout the week for more updates on summer camp and the goings-on here at QAAW!

Cheers, and talk to you next time!