Hi there- happy Friday!

After camp auditions last week, I have started to buckle down and dig into a pile of music, monologues, and casting decisions, which hopefully will be figured out by the end of next week! I have read the play, ‘Holka Polka’ by D.M. Larson, for the drama camp probably twenty times already, searching for clues about the different characters, props, sets, costumes, and maybe some fun craft ideas we could do during camp. It is going to be a lot of fun, and I hope all the campers have a blast! 

Looking for music for the Musical Theatre camp later on in the summer has also been a great opportunity, because there are a lot of musicals out there which I don't know well, and now I’m getting to know them a bit better! Today I also went to the space we will be using for camps to give me a better idea of where I can schedule parts of the camps- and it is beautiful. The church is massive, and has lots of rooms which will enable us to work on multiple things at a time during camps (plus two pianos)!

Last night there was a Windsor Ghost Walk, and about 23 people came to see what it was all about which is fantastic! It was a beautiful evening for a stroll around the town (unlike today!). The next one happens in late August; click here if you’d like to learn more or buy tickets.

Another exciting bit of news this week was the reveal of two shows that QAAW will be putting on in December 2017 (A Christmas Carol) and January 2018 (The Drowsy Chaperone). Click here if you’d like to learn more about it or when/how to audition!

I hope you are all able to have a wonderful Canada Day weekend with your friends and family despite the weather forecast!