Summer Student Blog Post: Gary-Indiana, Gary-Indiana...

Hello everyone! 

The last week has been kind of crazy, but in the best way possible! I’ve been preparing for the Wolfville Farmer’s Market Summer Plans Night (June 14!) by making a display board all about QAAW and some of the things we do, like Trivia or the Valley Ghost Walks- speaking of which, Thursday evening was the first Windsor walk of the season, and I finally was able to experience a Ghost Walk for the first time! It was highly entertaining, and I learned a lot about the history in the area. The ‘ghosts’ were superb, and completely in character the entire time! It was a beautiful evening for a walk! The next one in Windsor is on June 29, at 7:30pm. I’ll be there with some door prizes donated (wonderfully) by local businesses!

Over the past week I have also been visiting schools- I went to Brooklyn Elementary School and Windsor Elementary School to do some presentations about our summer camps. This week I will be heading to West Hants Middle School! I’ve met so many great kids, I hope to see a lot of them at camp!

A moment from QAAW's performance of  The Music Man  captured by Carole Morris-Underhill!

A moment from QAAW's performance of The Music Man captured by Carole Morris-Underhill!

I was also extremely lucky to be able to catch the last show of QAAW’s The Music Man on Saturday night- incredible! It was so well done; the cast was completely invested and hilarious, the music is still stuck in my head (76 Trombones, anyone?), and the costumes and sets were fabulous! I loved the barber-shop quartet that kept coming back throughout the show, as well as the fun choreography. Utterly delightful! 

Soon I will be getting ready for auditions and then that means camp planning with Ally- if you want to sign your child up for a camp, you’re not too late! Click here for more information!

I’m off to go enjoy the sunshine- hopefully you are too!

Have a great week!