Summer Student Blog Post: As I Approach the End

My office mate (AKA my pet Pom, Spike) sleeping on the job. Shelby, Katrina, and the camp kids were much livelier coworkers!

It’s hard to believe my third summer with Quick As A Wink is almost over (or my fourth summer, if you count when I assisted with summer camp back in 2012.)

It feels a little weird to be back working from home after spending three weeks at the hall during summer camp and a busy weekend on the waterfront. I’m still keeping busy, but it’s a very different kind of busy from playing drama games, rehearsing, and singing with a group of passionate people. I keep expecting someone to run over as I’m typing away and exclaim, “Hey Ally! I can do a one-handed cartwheel! Wanna see?” or “Ally, I want to try something new with my monologue. Can I try doing this?” I am definitely missing summer camps and all the amazing people I was lucky enough to work with.

However, despite all of this, it’s still definitely been a fun week! On Tuesday, I hosted Pub Trivia at the Spitfire Arms, likely for my last time this summer. My “Go!” themed trivia went over pretty well … that is, at least, until my “Pokemon Go!” questions came up, which greatly excited half the room but proved a huge challenge for the other half. Sorry, everyone! I couldn’t have a “Go!” themed evening without touching on such a popular game! Even if the questions were challenging, though, everyone was a really good sport and (hopefully) had fun! (I, for one, appreciated Cellar Dwellars guessing that there was a Pokemon named “Ted.” That got a huge laugh out of me when marking the sheets!)

"Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" was still on my brain when I arrived early to get ready for Pub Trivia on Tuesday. We had to bring in extra tables once people began arriving, though!

I’m looking forward to being able to play Pub Trivia again myself over the next couple weeks, especially after the recent announcement that this trivia season will be ending on Tuesday, August 16th! Mark has promised that a lot of twists and turns lie ahead for our Pub Trivia Season Finale; I’m hoping this means my team and I, Quarter Life Crisis, can snag some more points as we’ve slipped in the rankings a little! Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook in the coming dates for some hints as to what the big night will have in store!

Other than Trivia, I’ve spent a lot of this week largely doing computer-based tasks. I’ve been reaching out to local businesses regarding donating prizes for the silent auction at our upcoming Winkie Awards, creating a social media plan that will continue into the summer past when my contract is up, and looking for members of our QAAW community to feature in our “Spotlight on …” segments. If you know anyone whose contributions to QAAW should be recognized, please shoot us a message! I’d love to write a piece on them!

It hasn’t fully hit me yet that I will only be working for Quick As A Wink for a few more days; the summer has gone by so fast! I’ll be posting my last blog entry of the summer early next week, and I expect it will be a pretty sappy one, so stay tuned for that!

I’m not done just yet, however, which means I should really cut this blog post short; I still have things I plan to accomplish before my time is up!

Cheers, and have a great weekend, everyone!