Summer Student Blog Post: Odds and Ends and Sad Goodbyes

Hello lovely blog readers!

Two days ago I had a blast hosting our trivia night at the Spitfire Arms Pub again.  Our theme was Food and Drink, and though the questions were hard, everyone had a great time.  The last round really shook up the rankings, and we had wins from some unexpected players. Next week Mark and I will both be hosting trivia for our season finale.  Not to despair! While it’s the end of the season for our season points and prizes, trivia will pick up again the following Tuesday with a clean slate for all of our teams.    It’s safe to say that Mark and I have a few tricks up our sleeves.  No one’s points are safe, and it is going to be a night of trivia like we’ve never played it before. 

I’ve been very busy lately, preparing grant information for Quick As A Wink.  I’ve been compiling all of the information about our wonderful organization and filling in tons of forms.  Hopefully I’m successful, and we can make the 2017 season and next year’s camps even better than this year’s.  If any blog readers have any suggestions for grants we could apply to for funds, we’d love to hear from you! 

Our main project at the moment is getting our building finished over on Wentworth Road.  This space will serve as a workshop and storage space for our theatre.  It’s coming along great, but we have a lot more to get done this summer.  Check out this post on Facebook to see how it’s coming along and to get more information on how to volunteer.

Our lovely building at at 380 Wentworth Road.  It's not quite finished, as you can see, but it's coming along.   PHOTO: MARK WAINMAN 2016

Our lovely building at at 380 Wentworth Road.  It's not quite finished, as you can see, but it's coming along. 


I’ve also been spending time visiting the local businesses in Windsor, talking to their owners, and asking for donations for our silent auction at the 6th Biennial Winkie Awards Gala.  It’s been great getting out there and talking to people, and the reception I’ve received has been amazing.  If you or someone you know would like to donate an auction item, you can email us at

My favourite visit to a local business so far has been to the Cedar Centre.  They are one of our community sponsors, and were very excited to show us their facilities.  It is a beautiful building, and they are incredibly proud of it (as they should be).  It would be wonderful to be able to hold events here in the future. 

One sad part of this week was that my co-worker Ally had her last day of work on Tuesday.  I have loved working with Ally and I’ll definitely miss seeing her.  I’m also sad because I only have about a week of work left too.  I’ve loved working for Quick As A Wink this summer, and hopefully I’ll be able to work with them again in the near future. 

Before I leave, there’s still plenty to do, so I better get back to work.