Summer Student Blog Post: Pre-Camp Jitters and Building Project Progress!

I took it upon myself to test out some costume pieces we're considering for our Drama Camp production; I can see a peasant character wearing this adorable hat!

I cannot believe that camp will have started by the time I write my next blog post! This summer has gone by in a blur so far!

We are nearly entirely ready for camp to begin on Monday; the only camp related task I have left is to go shopping for craft supplies and make a few prototypes so I know how to instruct our campers when we begin making some of our own props on Monday! I absolutely love being crafty; I’m not very good at them, if I’m being perfectly honest – my strategy is generally just to cover whatever I’m making in as much glitter as possible – but it’s so much fun to make something with your own hands. The kids always amaze me at camp with how creative they can be, as well; though I come in with a template and an idea as to how to make a craft, they always find a way to build on these ideas or even make something in an entirely different way. I can’t wait to work with the campers and get my hands covered in paint and glue!

The pumpkin from Glory Days! This sure brings back memories.

Other than the above, camp is ready to go! As Shelby mentioned in her last blog post, Michelle allowed us to raid her collection of QAAW costumes and props earlier this week, and we found some great stuff for camp, including a hilarious prop chicken! (It was also a bit of a throw-back for me; while there, we spotted the prop pumpkin from Glory Days! What an iconic QAAW piece!) In addition to having props and some costume pieces found, we have a finalized schedule, a completed cast list already sent out to parents, a props list organized, crafts planned, a song written, and even a neat trip organized for our campers next Wednesday! (Details on this to come next week; in the past, we’ve traveled to Mermaid Theatre, but we’re switching things up a little this summer!) I am so so excited for Monday, and if the emails from parents I’m receiving are anything to go by, we have some kids who are very excited as well! I’ll be continuing my regular blog posts next week, so stay tuned for camp stories and more!

Other than craft work, my other remaining task for today is finishing my Trivia questions! I will be guest hosting again this Tuesday, but with camp starting on Monday, I want to be sure my questions are done long in advance. I’ve had many people asking me what next week’s theme will be, but my lips are sealed! I’ll be posting a hint to our Facebook page this Sunday evening though, so stay tuned!

Finally, in other unrelated but very exciting news, I stopped by the QAAW building this morning to assist in some costume sorting and got to witness progress on the building project first hand! Doors and windows were being put in today, and much more work lies ahead for this weekend. Our community partners at 2Consult have done a great job on the building; it’s really coming along and looks awesome! We are, however, in need of volunteers to help with many various tasks this weekend. Click here for more info on how you can help; this project is time sensitive, and any aid you could provide would be much appreciated!

That’s all for now. I look forward to sharing camps stories with you all next week!