Summer Student Blog Post: Putting the Music in Musical Theatre

After a great long weekend, I was really excited to get back to work on Monday.  This week Ally, Katrina, and I met to discuss casting for Drama Camp and musical selections for Musical Theatre Camp.  I’m having so much fun going through my music collection and picking out potential songs for different people.  There are just so many great shows and great songs out there that I’m having a really hard time narrowing down my choices!  I’ve spent a lot time revisiting my favourite shows and listening to great new discoveries. There are a few classic group numbers that we’ve decided on, as well as some stellar monologues.  Soon I’ll be able to get cracking on learning the piano parts for everyone’s song.  Some of them will be pretty tricky but I think I’m up for the challenge.  Music lovers attending Drama Camp despair not!  Ally and I have written a great song for everyone to perform during the play!  It will definitely be one of the highlights of the show! 

We have a few great group numbers picked out for Musical Theatre Camp!

Speaking of Drama Camp, Ally and I spent some time on Tuesday searching through more of the Quick As A Wink costumes at Michelle Herx's house and pulled some things that we think will suit the show.  There are fancy dresses, bonnets, baskets, buckets, aprons, and a chicken! The chicken is featured in a post on our Facebook page, and we’re taking suggestions for names. 

With only 5 more days until camp starts, Ally and I have been busy planning all sorts of fun activities (other than all the fun we’ll have rehearsing).  For Drama Camp, we’ve planned some great crafts to make our own props for the show, and a fun outing.  I can hardly wait.  

There’s so much left to do before camp starts, I better keep working!

Until next time,