Summer Student Blog Post: Casting Capers

I'm so excited to release the cast list for our Drama Camp production!

I’ve spent this gorgeous summer day being very, very busy!

This morning, I met up with Shelby and our camp coordinator Katrina to tackle some more summer camp planning. A lot of tasks have already been finished, but today we began working on one of my favorites: casting! We have some amazing kids signed up for camp this summer, and we want to ensure that everyone has their chance to shine. Assigning roles is always a tricky task, but also a ton of fun; once the show is cast, it begins to feel much more real and you can truly visualize what the production will look like. We hope everyone will like their parts in the Drama Camp production and that our Musical Theatre Camp participants will be excited about their performance pieces! Casting emails will be sent out to parents by the end of this week, so keep an eye open, parents!

I snapped this photo of Fort Edward when walking to my car after our camp planning meeting this morning; it truly is a beautiful day!

This afternoon, I kept busy by taking a final look at the script, working on finalizing our Drama Camp schedule, and, of course, writing this blog post! I anticipate a lot of my work this week will performed at my desk, with the exception of tomorrow, when Shelby and I will be off gathering props and set pieces for the shows! Designing the set is such a fun task; I can’t wait to see what great pieces we can find!

Drama Camp starts just one week from today, so I expect this week is going to be a busy one (as are the next three weeks, when camp is actually underway!) I’m being sure to make time to attend Pub Trivia this Tuesday night, though; it’s a great way to spend time with friends and take a break (though my Canadian trivia knowledge is not too great. I should probably study before I go!) I will also be guest hosting Trivia again next week, so keep an eye open for my Trivia hint later this week!

For now, I’m back to finishing up this camp schedule once and for all; I can’t wait for all these tasks I’ve been working on to be put together when camp begins next week!

Until next time! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!