Summer Student Blog Post: A Performance, Pasta, and a Parade!

Getting ready for Friday's showcase!

In case you thought I was lying about the pasta, I wasn't. And it was delicious.

What an amazing and busy week it’s been!

Musical Theatre Camp concluded Friday evening after our campers performed their Musical Theatre Showcase for an audience of family, friends, and QAAW fans. They all did an amazing job, though I expected nothing less of them after all the hard work they put in over these past two weeks. It paid off in the best way; I was working backstage but had a chance to watch through the curtain at certain points, and I assure you that I was laughing and crying along with the rest of the audience. Keshia Laffin took photos of the performance, so parents can expect to be receiving a link to all of these soon!

Becky, me, and Claire down on the waterfront yesterday!

I’m going to miss seeing the faces of our campers every day.  From bonding with the guys over Star Wars and Pokemon Go (I’m glad you enjoyed the “Spoopy” video as much as I do!) to chatting about movies, admiring dresses, and enthusing over pasta with the ladies, it’s been a really fun time.

Speaking of pasta, we had a lovely treat during our last day of camp on Friday when two campers worked together to make lunch for everyone, consisting of pasta, sauce, and rolls! Another camper brought in cupcakes that same day, so we had quite a delicious spread. It was an awesome experience.

A shownight selfie of me and the lovely ladies from camp. Every one of them is a star! (So are the guys, though they unfortunately missed out on this photo.)

Of course, that’s not the only notable moment I’ve experienced over the last week of camp. From one camper’s response of “Thanks, I grew it myself” when I complimented both her hair and her pants, to the guys’ improvised choreography to “I Need A Hero,” to the countless “Freeze Your Brain” singalongs that happened backstage, it’s been an absolute blast.

Normally I would be deep into what I call PPS, or “Post Play Sadness,” by now, especially after not having a chance to mourn the ending of Drama Camp yet, but my busy schedule has put that on hold. Yesterday, I participated in the Avon River Days parade along with a few summer campers and other QAAW Board members and participants. It was lots of fun; we handed out flyers with information regarding Into the Woods, jammed out to remixes of “Under the Sea” and reminisced about The Little Mermaid, and got some fresh air and exercise while participating in this great community event.

Afterwards, I headed down to the waterfront to do a bit of fundraising! QAAW has a sucker pull, candy guess, and face painting station set up this year, so I manned the booth until about 6pm last night. While there, I had the pleasure of running into many familiar faces from both our Drama and Musical Theatre Camps. Most notably, I was visited by Becky and Claire, making this the third year in a row they’ve come to visit me on the waterfront and lend a hand. It was nice to see you guys!

Today at about 3pm, I’ll be set up down on the waterfront again. Shelby will also be joining me today, so be sure to pop down to have some fun, say hello, or ask any questions you may have about QAAW!

I’ll also be hosting Pub Trivia again this Tuesday, so keep an eye on our Facebook page tonight for a hint as to this week’s theme!

For now, I really must go; it’s time to do some prep for another great afternoon down on the waterfront!