Spotlight on ... Joanna Bond!

Today’s “Spotlight” is on a veteran QAAW actress and one of the participants in this week’s Musical Theatre Camp: it’s Joanna Bond!

Joanna appeared most recently in our June production of The Little Mermaid, but her QAAW involvement first began four years ago. “I first did Jane Eyre in 2012,” she says. “I was Adèle. That was the first show I had done with people over sixteen in the show, so that was a great experience. From then on, I’ve been doing shows!”

Over the past two weeks, Joanna has been participating in our Youth Musical Theatre Camp. So far, it has been an experience she enjoys! “I think my favorite memory from this camp has been how easily people jelled, and really quickly,” Joanna says. “There’s so many inside jokes that everyone finds funny. Our senses of humour are all really similar, so there’s been a really good sense of comradery.”

When it comes to Friday’s Musical Theatre Showcase, there is one piece in particular Joanna has been working on and is excited to perform. “I’m probably most excited to present “Astonishing” [from Little Women],” she says. “I’m working on getting it together and am hoping to make it more powerful!”

When considering her future as a singer and actress, there are a handful of roles Joanna would particularly like to play someday. “I’d obviously love to be in Wicked, once the rights come out!” she says. “One of those roles I know would be fun but probably won’t happen is Christine [from Phantom of the Opera], but I think it’s one of those ones you fantasize about that will never happen. Also, Cosette [from Les Miserables] because she’s just fun.”

When she isn’t onstage, Joanna’s interests don’t stray too far from the world of performance. “I’m a vocalist for a couple bands in my school, so I love to do that,” she says. “And then, you know, mostly I do school work, haha!”

With camp almost over, Joanna has a few people she would like to offer a shout out. “I’d like to thank Katrina for being such a great director, and Ally for being so nice to us during the camp and helping us when we need it,” she says.

Don’t miss your chance to see Joanna and her fellow Musical Theatre Camp participants perform in their Musical Theatre Showcase, Friday July 29th at 7pm at the Fountain Performing Arts Centre! Admission is by free will donation at the door.

Thanks for all your contributions to QAAW, Joanna! You truly are “astonishing,” and we cannot wait to see you perform again on Friday!

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