Summer Student Blog Post: Professionalism, Parades, and Pokemon!

I tend to get excited and take silly photos during song rehearsal; everyone just sounds so good!

I’ve been so busy over the last week that I’ve fallen behind in my blog posts! My apologies to anyone who was awaiting an update!

Musical Theatre Camp has been an absolute dream to work on. It’s an intimidating but inspiring experience to work with actors who are already so passionate and skilled at such a young age. Our campers amaze me every day with their passion for the craft, willingness to experiment with new things,  and ability to bravely present and workshop their pieces with the rest of the group. Today in particular, we broke off into groups and had our campers offer suggestions as to how the others could perfect their performances. The comments and compliments provided by everyone were so respectful, helpful, and full of passion; it was truly amazing to see everyone thankfully take the advice given, apply it, and make their already good pieces into something even greater. I am actually immensely jealous of our campers this week; I wish I could be a part of the show so that everyone could provide me with advice, too!

Some song rehearsal. Be sure to check out our Instagram for some video sneak peeks!

In addition to being constantly amazed by the talent of professionalism of our campers, it has also been a blast simply getting to know all of them. Over the past week, I’ve learned all about everyone’s interests, favorite songs and movies, families, pets, hobbies, and so much more. I’ve also discovered that I share a mutual love of Broadway star Aaron Tveit with many of our campers, and today I over lunch I joined some of them in a fantastic chat about Pokemon Go. (If anyone is wondering, I’m on Team Mystic.)

Speaking of Pokemon Go, did you know that The Spitfire Arms in Windsor is a Pokestop? Yet another reason that you should join us on Tuesday evenings for Pub Trivia! Tomorrow night I’ll be taking a break from hosting and rejoining my team, Quarter Life Crisis, because Shelby will be making her hosting debut! I’m very excited, and hope to see you there! Don't forget you can click here for a hint as to this week's theme.

In more exciting news, Avon River Days is happening this weekend, and Quick As A Wink will be making an appearance! If you come out to the parade this Saturday, you can come see myself, Shelby, and a handful of our camp kids parading through the streets of Windsor, as well as the cast members from our upcoming production of Into the Woods! Shelby and I are planning to be fundraising down on the waterfront this weekend as well, so keep an eye open for more details on this!

Also, if you’re looking for something fun to do this Friday night, don’t forget to come check out our Musical Theatre Camp Showcase! The curtain goes up at 7pm this Friday at the Fountain Performing Arts Centre. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details over the coming days!

For now, I’ve gotta run. Another busy day lies ahead tomorrow!

Chat later this week!