Summer Student Blog Post: Magnificent Musical Camp!

Musical Theatre Camp started today!

It's their first day at camp, and everyone is already hard at work! Here is a snapshot of campers working away at an exercise on character intention!

I am always amazed by how talented our Musical Camp participants are; we’ve only been here for one day, and I’m already being blown away by how quickly they are picking everything up. We heard some beautiful voices during our first read through of the script, saw great creativity when we began writing the transition scenes to occur between pieces, and witnessed some amazingly quick learning as everyone picked up the majority of the choreography for our opening number after just one day. I would never be able to pick that much dancing so quickly! To make it even more impressive, for some of our campers, this is the first time they have ever taken the stage or tried out musical theatre, and yet they are already handling everything like a pro. I am truly impressed!

Everyone has also been seriously cracking me up during improv exercises; from sassy improvised fights over shoes and candy from some of the girls to one of the guys creating an improvised Star Wars scene by using the dehumidifier as an R2D2 prop, I spent a large portion of the day laughing. I can’t wait to see what jokes the rest of the week will bring!

Of course, the jokes aren’t the only thing I’m excited about this week; over the next few days, we will be learning more choreography, tackling some group vocals, and holding “master class” sessions to focus on our individual and small group pieces. I already know our final performance is going to be amazing; our campers possess so much natural talent, and I am thrilled that they will all get a chance to shine during our performance next Friday.

In other news, after a slight change of plans, I will be hosting Pub Trivia again tomorrow night! Mark is currently hard at work tackling some Into the Woods stuff, so Shelby and I will be alternating as guest hosts for the next few weeks. I’m excited to have the opportunity to host again, though I’m afraid I will have to cut this blog post short because of it as I still have a lot of work to do before my questions are completed!

I will be posting again this Friday; I can’t even imagine everything our campers will have accomplished by then!

Cheers for now,