Summer Student Blog Post: A Week to Remember

From yesterday's dress rehearsal!
(Photo Credit: Keshia Laffin)

I can’t believe Drama Camp is over.

I’m afraid this post is a day late; I got home from last night’s performance and promptly fell asleep. It’s been such a busy week, but I also had a crazy amount of fun. Getting to know each of our campers was such a joy, and nothing makes me happier than watching them grow as actors and gain a new appreciation and passion for the arts. It’s been an amazing week, one made even more amazing by such a successful final performance yesterday evening. But more on that later – I haven’t posted since Monday, so I have a lot of tales from this week to catch you up on!

A snapshot from Wednesday's trip to the Historical Society.

Over the course of this week, our campers got to experience many different parts of the theatre process. They worked together to make many the props used onstage in the show, including prop apples, carrots, stones, gold coins, and market signs. They had a real costume fitting with the wonderful Laurie O’Brien, who altered their costumes and even volunteered her time to make some special costume pieces just for them. Campers had headshots taken by the lovely Margaret Gnemmi, which were on display for all to see at last night’s performance. They got to work as an assistant director by watching other campers perform and giving advice as to what could improve upon the scene, and got to act and receive advice and encouragement themselves through the rehearsal process. They got to work as stage crew members and learned how to scratch and set all the scenes in the show, and much much more! After this week, our campers have a pretty good idea as to how many elements it takes to put on a successful show!

Some of the props our campers worked hard to make: some adorable carrots!

In addition to all this hard work, we also took some time to play, make friends, and have fun. On Wednesday, we took a mini field trip to the West Hants Historical Society to learn all about local history. The kids had a blast and asked the tour guide many different questions. On the way out the door, they also had the opportunity to ring a massive, old, and very loud bell. (Thank you to our tour guide for their patience as our campers did this, and our apologies to your ears!) Upon returning from our trip, we had a lovely chill out break and enjoyed freezies that were thoughtfully donated by Jen Alexander. Between that exciting afternoon and all the games we played, and the one-liners I happened to overhear ("Don't call Justin Beiber "Justin Beaver"! That's an insult to beavers everywhere!!), there was never a dull moment at camp this week!

And, of course, last night was our exciting final performance of Beauty is a Beast with costumes, makeup, microphones, and a full audience. I would like to thank each and every one of our campers for all their hard work this week. You all worked so hard, and it work paid off in the form of an amazing final performance. I was amazed by how well everyone did with their lines, as well as with applying all of the week’s lessons on incorporating gesture, posture, and facial expression to their performance. I laughed along with the crowd at all the jokes and was quietly singing along to your song from backstage. The applause you received at the end of the show was very well deserved, and your enthusiasm for one another’s success was heartwarming to see. I could not to prouder of all of you, and I will greatly miss working with you. All of you are definitely “a lot like pie!”

Thank you as well to all the parents and guardians who leant us their children and for their patience during this week, and thanks to everyone who came out to see the show yesterday evening! I hope you enjoyed watching the show as much as we all enjoyed working on it.

Drama Camp may be over, but my work is not finished yet; Musical Theatre Camp begins on Monday! I can’t wait to begin working with another group of talented performers. More on this to come in Monday’s post!

In the meantime, I’m off to do a little Musical Theatre prep and enjoy the lovely weather. Chat again on Monday!