Spotlight on ... Kerry Lawrence!

Today’s “Spotlight” is on the passionate and sweet Kerry Lawrence!

Kerry took the QAAW stage for the first time this past January. “I first became involved with Quick As A Wink during the production of Annie, where I played Grace Farrell,” she says. “I have been involved with Quick As A Wink for nearly a year now and have been fortunate enough to act in two musicals: Annie, as I previously mentioned, and The Little Mermaid, where I got to be an evil character for the first time!”

Theatre has proven to be a great outlet for Kerry, and lead to many meaningful relationships. “I love having the chance to be someone else and experiment with how that person would feel, move and interact with other people,” she says. “Theatre is a great outlet to get out of my head and let go of what might be going on in my life, or even just break up the everyday routine. For a short period of time, theatre is my life, and it is a great life to have; I have people around me who are supportive, I get to play with different characters, and I get to entertain an audience. I can’t think of any better hobby. “

Many of Kerry’s most treasured theatre memories have occurred at a time when theatre families grow the closest: the week before opening night! “I love tech week,” Kerry says. “It is an exhausting and grueling week - especially if you are having to drive back and forth from Yarmouth each night, like I did during The Little Mermaid, but it is so rewarding! I find I start to see everything coming together and people start relaxing into their characters and taking risks that they might not have taken before. In The Little Mermaid, I know for Ally Loiselle [as Flotsam], Amanda Mullally [as Ursula], and me [as Jetsam], our characters really started to get their spark as we tested out different movements and feelings backstage and just got more comfortable and silly with each other during tech week . In Annie, I found Jemita [Buchanan, as Miss Hannigan], Hannah Moore [as Annie], and I were able to make our characters come alive onstage because backstage we had gotten so close that we weren’t afraid to really go for it on stage. Every time Miss Hannigan pushed me to sit down during the performance, Jemita really pushed me, and it was great; it gave me so much to play off of. There are more names I could mention, but we would be here all day. I have just been so fortunate to work with such great casts and crews!”

When it comes to what role she’d most like to play next, Kerry has a number of very different roles in mind! “There are so many roles I would love to play,” she says. “I really like getting the chance to be evil;it allows me to be something totally opposite - I hope - from myself and just be big and silly. I would also love to be Sandy from Grease, or Maria from The Sound of Music. I have fond memories of classics. I used to drive my family nuts watching The Sound of Music over and over again. I still will practice my yodeling skills in the car where no one can get away, haha!”

While Kerry isn’t sure when she will next take the stage, she is sure it won’t be long. “I am sure I will be in something again sometime,” she says. “I already previously took a nine year break from theatre, and after being in two shows this year, not having been in a show since June already seems like a large break.”

When she isn’t taking the QAAW stage, Kerry has a wide variety of interests and passions she loves to pursue. “I dabble in lots of different things,” she says. “I am constantly learning something new, and then I get busy and let it go, and then pick it up again when I have time. I am learning piano, learning to knit, and learning to dance. I would also really like to learn gymnastics; I took lessons when I was 5, but then we had a “Show the Parents” night, and that scared me so much that I quit. Can you believe I went from that to being someone who loves being on stage? Oh, and I would love to take voice lessons to improve my vocal control and confidence. I also have a pug named Lexi and am always doing things with her, and I am really close to my family; a lot of my time is spent there. As well, I am a new teacher and so I find myself often planning fun activities for classes I have. I know that is technically work, but I love doing it!”

Thank you for all your contributions to QAAW, Kerry! You gave amazing performances as both Grace and Jetsam, and we hope to see you take the Quick As A Wink stage again soon!

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