Youth Drama Camp Spotlight on ... Maddy Fitzgerald!

Today’s special "Youth Drama Camp Spotlight” is on one of the stars of our Drama Camp production of Beauty is a BeastMaddy Fitzgerald!

Maddy is nine years old, and this is her third summer participating in our “Page to Stage” Summer Camp. She first joined us in 2014 as one of Captain Williams’ flunkies in Captains and Crews, and she returned last summer as a Narrator in Charlotte’s Web. Maddy’s favorite things to do at camp are meeting new people and going over lines in a group. However, her favorite camp memory so far is of one of the spur-of-the-moment activities we held during rehearsal for Captains and Crews. “My favorite memory was I think in my first summer, when we held a fashion show,” Maddy says. “It was fun to show off our costumes and stuff.”

While she’s had a lot of fun over the past few summers, Maddy is very excited to be playing the role of Beauty this year. “I like how [Beauty] has a lot of lines and a lot of attitude,” she says. “I like when she’s sassy and tells her sister she’s ‘not the popular one.'”

Maddy thinks the audience will find the show to be enjoyable. “I think they’ll like it because it’s gonna funny and fun,” she says. “I think funny for sure, because it’s gonna be fun and dramatic!”

Maddy would also like to extend a thank you to everyone who contributed to her camp experience. “Thanks to Kings Edgehill for letting us use the big stage,” she says. “And thanks to my parents for encouraging me to do what I did for my audition.”

Thanks for all the hard work you’ve been putting into Beauty is a Beast, Maddy, and to all our other Drama Campers as well! You’ve all been doing a great job!

You can catch Maddy and her fellow Drama Camp actors onstage this Friday at our production of Beauty is a Beast, which is open to the public by free will donation! The show takes place July 15th at 7pm at the KES Fountain Theater.

We return to regularly scheduled “Spotlights” this Saturday. Do you have someone you think deserves to be highlighted in our “Spotlight on …” feature? Let us know and you may see them featured next!