Summer Student Blog Post: Adventures in Gemstones, and Other Camp Tales

Hello from just a few of our great campers!

Our campers are amazing.

Today was our first day of Drama Camp, and these kids are already blowing me away. All of them are already bringing such emotion and depth to their characters. Many came to camp with large chunks of their lines already memorized. Others still are having fun experimenting with physicality and body movement. It’s been an incredibly busy today!

Katrina gives a lesson on all the different positions on the stage.

We started our morning with a series of icebreakers and name games, followed by a read-through of the script for the first time as a whole group. We played more games throughout the day, learned about the importance of gestures, posture, and body movement, did an exercise that taught us what the different spaces on the stage are called, made some cool crafts, and began rehearsing scenes from the show! We only have one day down and our campers have already accomplished so much, plus (hopefully) made new friends along the way!

A post-gemstone makeover selfie. The campers made me look so "pretty" ... Haha!

Craft time was a real hoot today; Shelby led everyone in a paper flower craft, and all the campers made some gorgeous pieces for the show! As always, though, we took a bit of an unscheduled break to play around with some of the craft materials, which resulted in some of the girls giving me a beautiful unibrow and mustache gemstone makeover. We all looked pretty ridiculous by the end of the day, but it was so much fun!

I’ve also been having a great time bonding with campers new and old. One camper enthusiastically told me ghost stories about his time at Camp Mockingee, while another and I mutually enthused about what a good show Gravity Falls is. One of our returning campers got a huge laugh out of me when, after reminding me how we got pretend “married” at camp two years ago, she asked if we could celebrate our “wedding anniversary” this week. These campers have been keeping me in stitches. I absolutely love it.

There’s still a lot of fun ahead this week; we’re going to begin some costuming tomorrow, and later this week our kids will have headshots taken, go on a field trip, and much more! This week’s camp is off to a great start!

Don’t forget that our camp production of Beauty is a Beast is open to the public! The curtain goes up this Friday, July 15th at 7pm by free will donation! Come out and see what these great kids have been working on!

Friendly reminder I am also hosting Pub Trivia tomorrow night at 7pm at the Spitfire Arms, so feel free to stop by for a fun game and, if you have any questions, a chat about camp! This week’s theme is the 90’s – I think my age is showing this week!

Shelby will be blogging this week as well, plus we will have posts about camp on our Facebook page, so stay tuned for more fun stories!

Cheers for now,