Summer Student Blog Post: Busy as a Bee!

What a crazy weekend, and what a crazy week ahead!

A photo from our first Prince and Princess Tea this past weekend!

Friday was opening night of The Little Mermaid, which was followed by two more performances on Saturday and one on Sunday. I have very little energy left, but it was a tremendous amount of fun. Despite playing a scary eel onstage, two children whom I had never met before presented me with flowers following the shows and even more asked for photos. Some of my closest friends also drove down to see the show this weekend, with my best friend and QAAW community member Kelsey even coming in from New Brunswick. Everyone who came to the show has been so wonderful and supportive; I wish I could thank you all individually for coming out and being such a wonderful audience!

We have an amazingly talented cast. Don't miss your chance to see The Little Mermaid!

I also had the pleasure of attending our two Prince and Princess Teas this weekend. While I did not attend in costume (I mean, who would want an evil eel at the tea for noble royals?), I did work as photographer and snapped some photos of our esteemed guests. Everyone enjoyed some colouring, photos, a dance party on the stage with our mersisters and other royal cast members, and some delicious cupcakes donated to us by For Heavens Cakes Bakery. Thank you to all who attended; we had a lot of fun, and hope you did too!

Things have not quieted down for me any now that the show has started; I’ll be hitting the road this week nearly every day to do some fun things! First off all, I will be hosting Trivia tomorrow night at The Spitfire Arms at 7pm. Though I hosted a few times last summer, this will be my first time hosting in 2016, and I am very excited to have this opportunity again. Interested in coming? New teams are always welcome! Check out our Facebook page for a hint as to what this week’s theme will be!

Following tomorrow’s Trivia, I will be spending both Wednesday and Thursday doing in-school presentations at three different schools; I will be presenting to two final classes at West Hants Middle School on Wednesday morning, followed by all elementary classes grades two and up at Three Mile Plains on Thursday morning and Dr. Arthur Hines in the afternoon. I look forward to two days of playing “Whoosh” with some awesome kids!

On Wednesday evening I will also be hitting the road to attend the Wolfville Farmer’s Market Summer Plans Night to talk about our awesome summer camps and do some promotion for The Little Mermaid! There will be live music, activities for youth, and some great food at this event too, so come on out and bring your kids! It’s sure to be a great evening.

Following this busy week, of course, are our final three performances of The Little Mermaid! If you haven’t had a chance to see this great show yet, you really don’t want to miss out! We have a 7pm show on Friday, then a matinee Saturday at 2pm and a final performance that same day at 7pm. Tickets are available online or at Moes! We hope to see you there!

For now, I must go; trivia questions don’t write themselves, after all!

Cheers, and chat soon!