Summer Student Blog Post: Tales from Production Week

Production week has gone by in a blur!

You'll have to wait for the show to see my full costume, but here is a little sneak peek for you!

I’ve essentially been living and breathing The Little Mermaid over the past six days; between performing Mermaid related tasks at work every day and attending rehearsals every evening, my thoughts never stray far from the show. It’s been very very busy, but also a lot of fun! Being a creepy eel is an exciting challenge I look forward to tackling every day, and I absolutely love my costume (made by the wonderful Laurie O’Brien). I could not be more excited for tonight’s opening!

With the show opening tonight, a lot of my tasks this week have been related to the show. I booked a second radio ad, worked on some more entries for our “Little Mermaid Spotlight Series,” been in touch with our community partners, picked up signs, dropped off tickets to local radio stations for on-air giveaways, printed headshots, and much much more! I was also lucky enough to be given the opportunity to present Big Brothers Big Sisters with a formal invitation to our invite-only performance, which was held last night and made possible by our community partners. It was a great honour, and the performance was enjoyed by all who attended. I feel very blessed to be involved with a theatre company that gives back to their community in this way. (Click here for more info.)

In addition to working on the show, my school presentations continued this week. I spent some time on both Wednesday and Thursday over at West Hants Middle School, where I visited some of Ms. Brossoit’s music classes. The students joined me in playing a few rounds of Whoosh (one of my favorite camp games) and were great listeners as I told them all about our summer camps and this weekend’s Little Mermaid performances. I saw a few familiar faces while there, as well, running into both students who I am currently working with in The Little Mermaid and others who have previously participated in our summer drama camps. (Shout out to Maddie, Myriam, Kendalyn, and Shelby!) I hope the students enjoyed my presentation and that I will see some of them this summer at camp!

Coming up next week, on Wednesday June 8th, I will also be set up at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market at their Summer Plans Night to talk about summer camps, The Little Mermaid, and Quick As A Wink in general! Come on over to say hi, pick up some information, and ask any questions you may have!

 I have a few more things to print and pick up for this evening’s show, so I’ll end this blog post here. I hope to see you all at the show this weekend. To all my fellow cast mates, break a leg!

Cheers, and chat next week!