Summer Student Blog Post: Costume Adventures!

I had a little too much fun playing with some of the costume pieces.

This week is off to a great start!

This morning, Shelby and I returned to sorting costume donations. It’s a huge job – there are so many items to sort! – but we made really great progress today and are now very nearly done. It’s a fun task that comes with a lot of mystery. We never know what we’re going to find when we open a bag of items; some bags contain regular clothing items, like jackets and pants, while others contain elaborate formal wear or gowns. Other bags still hold more unique pieces, like King Tut-esque jewelry, a vest made of Crayola Crayon patterned fabric, and even a few superhero items! Every bag offers a surprise!

Another cool costume find - a stunning purple velvet coat fit for a prince!

I’ve now returned from sorting to tackle writing this week’s Trivia questions; as you may remember, the Funny Peculiars won a chance to pick tomorrow’s theme, so all questions will be about the Human Body/Anatomy. Mark will be joining My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem in playing tomorrow, so I am creating this week;’s questions myself. Biology is not my area of expertise, so I hope that creating these questions will actually be a bit of a learning experience for me (though I will also try not to make the questions too challenging!) I’ve unfortunately been hit with a terrible bout of seasonal allergies due to the dry weather and have lost most of my voice, so I’m really hoping it will return to me by tomorrow evening so I am able to host!

The rest of this week for me will mostly be dedicated to – you guessed it – camp planning. I’d like to work out a camp schedule by the end of this week, so we can ensure that all of our scenes are given enough practice time! Work on this will likely begin tomorrow afternoon.

Speaking of camp, we have had a crazy surge in numbers! There is only ONE SPACE left in Drama Camp and very limited spaces in Musical Theatre Camp, so don’t forget to register before it’s too late! Early bird pricing also ends very soon and prices will be increasing, so the sooner you register the better! To register for camp or for more info, click here.

I have one last piece of news to share that I found exciting; this past weekend, we shared an article on our QAAW social media about Broadway musical Fun Home is closing this September, and the official Fun Home Twitter account liked our post! How cool is that?

I really must run now; it always takes me some time to craft Trivia questions and the end of the day is quickly approaching!

This Friday is Canada Day, so I will be out of the office and most likely won’t be posting a new blog on Friday. Worry not, though; I’ll be back next Monday!

Have a great long weekend everyone, and talk soon!