Summer Student Blog Post: Cards, Costumes, Camps, and a New Co-Worker!

Trivia at the Spitfire Arms Alehouse was full of twists and turns this Tuesday!

It’s been another incredibly eventful week; I have so much to tell you all about!

Tuesday’s Pub Trivia was crazy this week; in light of the “It’s In the Cards” theme, Mark added a side-game for this week only wherein players could draw playing cards for the chance to win power-ups or bonuses to help them with the evening’s game or even the whole season. For example, drawing a King gave teams 30 seconds of phone access at the end of a round to Google or phone a friend, while Jacks gave teams a chance to peek at another team’s scoresheet.

A gorgeous piece Shelby and I discovered while sorting costumes.

One-of-a-kind cards also shook up the night. My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem pulled the Ace of Spades, winning the chance to have Mark play with them next week. Something Clever pulled the Queen of Hearts and won two points on the season. Dumb/Dumber snagged the 7 of Clubs, allowing them to remove two points from the Dawson Dawgs’ season score. The Funny Peculiars pulled the 8 of Clubs, allowing them to redistribute three points during Tuesday’s games, which they used to take points from the Dawson Dawgs and give one to Kids on the Hill, the Cellar Dwellers, and My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem one point each. Funny Peculiars also pulled the Two of Diamonds and were granted the privilege of choosing next week’s theme! Because of this, when I guest host next Tuesday, the theme will be the Human Body/Anatomy!

The twists were a lot of fun to play with this week! We’re returning to regular, card-less Trivia next week though, so be sure to study up for this Tuesday! New teams are always welcome. $2 to play, teams of 1-6 people, 7pm at the Spitfire Arms!

In other exciting news this week, we hired our new summer student, Shelby! Shelby will be posting blog posts throughout the summer as well; in fact, she wrote her very first one yesterday, which you can find here. I’m very excited for us to be working together and cannot wait to see what the summer throws at us!

Shelby and I have already teamed up on a few tasks over these past few days; on Wednesday, she joined me in giving the last QAAW summer camp presentations of the year, this time at Hantsport School! We played “Whoosh” with the classes, which was fun, and I even saw some familiar faces from past camps! (Shout out to Becky, Mariasha, and Lindsay!) We had a lot of fun, especially when playing with the grades 2 – 5 classes; they were probably the most enthusiastic group I’ve played with yet! It was lovely to meet everyone at this school, and we hope we get to see some of you at camp this July. Thank you to Mr. Taylor for arranging our visit; we really appreciate it!

Yesterday, I had the chance to work with Shelby again by sorting costume donations. We found some truly gorgeous pieces we wished we could take home with us; there were lots of cool dresses and jackets, but our very favorite piece was a gorgeous pink pant suit. The sorting job is nowhere near done yet – we were only able to sort maybe a third of the costumes in the time we had available that day – so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the other interesting items we find as sorting continues next week!

It's been lovely having a companion to work with. This morning, though, I am back to handling a few tasks individually. I started my day by hitting the road and assisting a few of this summer’s Drama Camp students with video auditions. They did a great job, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to work with them at camp. For now, I’m back at my computer; next week is sure to be busy, so my plan for this afternoon is to get a head start writing these Trivia questions! I’m told my Little Mermaid questions a few weeks ago were too tricky, so I’ll try to tone it down a little this week … but no promises! *wink*

I'll be back on Monday with another update. Ciao for now!