Summer Student Blog Post: Compliments from Kids

I spotted this poster in Miss Laffin's music room at Windsor Forks and had to snap a photo!

Our first summer camp is a mere three weeks away! I am so excited!

This week, I expect camp planning will take up the majority of my time. I have various little tasks that need completing before camp can get underway, including developing our daily camp schedule. Other tasks I’m further along on, like designing costumes and sets, but I still need to buckle down and actually finish these projects as well. I’ve been so busy with presentations and other tasks that I’m looking forward to having a day tomorrow to sit down and truly finish some things up.

What gorgeous weather out there today!

Speaking of presentations, today I had the pleasure of presenting to Miss Laffin’s music classes at Windsor Forks District School! These kids had a ton of energy (not only was the weather nice, but I’m told some students had a field trip this afternoon exciting them as well!) so playing Whoosh, a game that requires a ton of energy, was a lot of fun for them! I also had a nice self-esteem boost while there thanks to one student telling me I was awesome, a second telling me that even if she wasn’t able to attend our camp she  still wanted to come visit me because I was so nice, and another still exclaiming that she liked my pink dress and “cool” glasses. Careful, kids, or you’re gonna make my ego grow! A huge thank you to Miss Laffin for once again letting me invade her classroom today and to her students for all their enthusiasm! I had a blast.

Wednesday is the last day I have scheduled presentations, this time at Hantsport School. I have a few more places I am trying to squeeze in before the end of the year as well, but nothing is set in stone yet as June is an incredibly bust time for most schools and teachers. Stay tuned, though! I'll let you know if any more presentations arise.

In other news, I’m told that QAAW has now hired a second summer student who will be joining us very soon! More news on that to follow, as well; I’m sure you will be hearing from them as much as me over the summer!

On a final more personal note, I’m celebrating my birthday later this week; by the time I post again on Friday, I’ll be 22 years old! (Cue the Taylor Swift “22” sing-along!) Many of the kids at Windsor Forks had a hard time believing this fact when I shared it with them today; more than one of them exclaimed, “What? No! You look like you’re like sixteen!” I'm sure this was another compliment on their part, though I promise you I’m telling the truth!

For now, it’s time for me to buckle down and get some tasks done before the day is over. Chat later this week!