Spotlight on ... Nicole Grass!

Today’s “Spotlight” is on another wonderful actress set to appear in this fall’s Into the Woods: the fantastic Nicole Grass!

Nicole was a fan of QAAW long before she joined us onstage herself. “I've been watching Quick As A Wink musicals regularly since 2011,” she says. “The first show I saw was The Little Princess. It was so spectacular that I knew that I wanted to do a show with Quick As A Wink Theatre myself someday! I auditioned for Cinderella in 2014; I played the Baker, a featured ensemble role. Cinderella was an awesome experience, so when I heard about Annie, I had to audition! I played a servant and orphan in the show this past January. Annie was the first piece of live theatre I had ever experienced; I was dancing to the catchy songs in the audience back when I was in diapers, so this show has a very special place in my heart!”

Most recently, Nicole took the QAAW stage earlier this month. “Recently, I had the pleasure of playing Aquata, one of Ariel's sisters in The Little Mermaid,” she says. “My favorite thing about playing Aquata in The Little Mermaid was telling a story that is so vibrant and loved. The themes of family and growing up touch audience members young and old.”

Telling a great story is not the only thing that draws Nicole to theatre; the sense of community that emerges when putting on a live show is also very important to her! “The best thing about doing theatre is the sense of family and support you find with the people you are working with,” Nicole says. “The bond between a cast is strong, built on trust and a shared passion for the arts. Another one of my favorite things is that everyone shares your passion for theatre. Because of this, I can start singing any musical theatre song and others will know it and join in!”

Luckily, Nicole won’t have to wait long to experience this sense of family again; she will taking the stage as Lucinda in Into the Woods later this year, and she hopes to continue her involvement with us into 2017! “Into the Woods is a stunning musical that I have been a fan of for years!” she says. “I am very excited to work with a very talented cast. I have no shows planned past Into the Woods yet, but I am sure I'll be back on the Quick As A Wink stage next season!”

When she isn’t performing onstage, Nicole enjoys reading and writing and is a proud member of the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir.

Thank you for all your contributions to Quick As A Wink, Nicole! It has been a joy to work with you, and we are excited to see you take the stage again in Into the Woods!

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