Summer Student Blog Post: Amazed by Auditions!

We held auditions at the Fountain Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

It’s been such a fun week!

On Wednesday and Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending two evenings of summer camp placement auditions with our camp coordinator, Katrina Salmon. We were absolutely blown away by the talent we saw at these auditions; campers delivered wonderful and heart-felt monologues, sang beautiful songs, and conveyed a wide range of emotions during their cold reads. Katrina and I were already excited for summer camps before this week, but now we absolutely cannot wait. If these auditions are anything to go by, our camp performances are going to be amazing.

A quick selfie in the music room at Brooklyn District Elementary School!

If you haven’t yet registered your child for camp, though, I would do it ASAP! Our week-long Drama Camp for ages 8-12 is ALMOST FULL! We have been blown away by the interest we have had in our camps this summer. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up! You can get more info or register by clicking here.

In addition to auditions and general planning, I also made a trip over to Brooklyn District Elementary School this week to present to Mr. Dunlop’s music classes. I had so much fun playing the drama game “Whoosh” with these kids, though I will admit my legs were very, very sore after they repeatedly used the “Elevator” move that causes everyone to sink to the floor in a crouch. It was like a morning full of doing squats at the gym! It was still a ton of fun, though, and I’m glad they were so responsive to the game. Maybe I will be lucky enough to see some of those faces again at camp this summer!

Next week, I have two more presentations scheduled, at Windsor Forks and Hantsport School. I can’t wait to get out there and meet more wonderful kids! I’ll also be doing some more camp planning, so be sure to check back in on Monday for updates!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Bye for now!