Spotlight on ... Amanda Mullally!

It is time for the second “Spotlight” in our “Little Mermaid Spotlight Series!” She may play the devious sea witch onstage, but in reality this talented actress is a kind and skilled performer; meet Amanda Mullally!

Amanda is a brilliant actress with lots of experience and numerous productions under her belt, in addition to years of formal musical theatre training. “Finishing four years of musical theatre schooling - one year at Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI and three at St Clair College in Windsor, Ontario - and graduating in 2015 was a great accomplishment for me,” Amanda says. “School helped me grow and shape myself into the artist I want to be. Besides performing, it has opened me up to possibilities to become a director and/or producer. My training is far from over, but finishing school was a big stepping stone for my career.”

Some of Amanda’s favorite performances thus far have been Stag and Doe at Neptune Theatre in Halifax (as Assistant Director), Rocky Horror Show at St Clair College in Windsor, Ontario (as Assistant Director and Phantom), The Drowsy Chaperone at Kings Playhouse in Georgetown, PEI (as Mrs Tottendale), and The Sound of Music at The Confederation Centre in Charlottetown, PEI (as Sister Sophia). The Little Mermaid, however, is Amanda’s very first show with Quick As A Wink. “When I moved to Halifax in October, I had my eyes out for any local companies who were putting on musicals,” she says. “I saw the audition posting on a friend’s Facebook page, and I couldn’t resist the chance to be a part of one of my favourite Disney musicals!”

Being cast as Ursula came as quite a surprise to Amanda, but she is thrilled with the opportunity to play such a fun role. “Ursula is a role that I would never have put myself in until I started rehearsals for The Little Mermaid,” she says. “I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun playing a role as I’ve had with Ursula. I get to be as over the top and dramatic as I want because she’s such a big character. The thing about the role is that there isn’t much time to introduce her character before her first song; it’s like 3 lines of text and boom, right into a big number! It’s a challenge because from the moment I come on stage, I have to show the audience exactly who I am. And I mean, who doesn’t want to play a big ol’ half-octopus Disney villain?”

For Amanda, the opportunity for self-expression is one of theatre’s major draws. “The best thing about theatre is the endless possibility to express yourself,” she says. “Everyone should have some exposure to theatre as it helps cultivate and open up opportunities for a large community of people. Companies like Quick As A Wink provide a great service for their community, not just as entertainment, but education for young and old members of the community. Windsor is very lucky to have a fantastic group such as Quick As A Wink in their community.”

Many of Amanda’s other passions are also arts-related. “I enjoy watching movies, particularly older classics,” she says.” It’s interesting to see how movies shaped popular culture of that time and they give you a glimpse at what life at that time was like. I’ve also been working hard at trying to get better at playing guitar; I’m alright, but I’m not yet confident enough to play in front of people. Mostly, I just like drinking coffee and sitting outside and observing people in their day to day life.”

Amanda believes that The Little Mermaid will be well received when it opens this weekend. “I think audiences are going to love the show,” she says. “Kids will love it for obvious reasons, but adults will enjoy it just as much because it will bring them back to their childhood and remind them about the original movie - one of my personal favourites, I might add - that they loved as kids or teenagers.”

If you love seeing Amanda perform in The Little Mermaid, you won’t have to wait long to see her perform again; she will be taking the stage as Rocky in a gender-bent version of The Rocky Horror Show at Reflections Caberet in Halifax, presented by Rolling Bold Productions, this October! She is also currently working as a director on a play for Lion’s Den Theatre’s third Evening of Ives at The Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax, running from June 23-26.

Thank you for all your contributions to Quick As A Wink, Amanda! We are thrilled to be working with you for the first time and cannot wait to see you take the stage this weekend!

The Little Mermaid opens June 3rd, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to see Amanda take the stage! Performances start at 7pm on June 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th, with matinee performances at 2pm on June 4th, 5th, and 11th! For more info or to purchase tickets, click here.

Stay tuned for more of our “Little Mermaid Spotlight Series” to learn more about the great cast and crew of the show! New “Spotlights” are posted every Tuesday and Saturday.