Summer Student Blog Post: Trying Something New

Hello everyone! It feels like it’s been ages since I talked to you all, but in reality it’s only been a week since my last blog entry. Time flies!

This week has been full of many different tasks. We’ve been doing a huge social media blitz to promote The Little Mermaid, and in addition I’ve been writing “Spotlight on …” pieces like crazy, making calls to radio stations and our community partners, researching scripts for camp, and even gave my first in-school presentation about summer camps! (Shout out to Mr. Woundy’s Grade 10 Music class over at AVHS!)

In addition to all of this, I also did something new over the last few days. (Even after three years of working for QAAW, I am always doing new things; it’s one of my favorite things about this job!) This week, I was responsible for taking headshots of some of our wonderful Little Mermaid ensemble members. I’ve never taken headshots before, so it was an exciting new experience for me! I also joined this production late (and due to being terrible with names, I still don’t know or remember the names of many people in our large cast) so this was a great opportunity for me to get to know everyone a little better and make some connections. I definitely had a lot of fun chatting with these talented people; some of them even mentioned that they’ve been reading these blog posts, which was very exciting to hear! (If you’re reading this, hi guys! Thanks for coming back!)

I also took over our Instagram over the past few days. (Not following us yet on Instagram? Check us out at qaaw_theatre!) I've been posting images from last Saturday’s rehearsal, my journeys around Windsor doing Little Mermaid related tasks, and even some costume sneak peeks courtesy of the brilliant Laurie O’Brien, who has been hard at work designing and creating all the pieces you’ll see in the show! If you don’t have Instagram, worry not; we’ll be sharing these previews to our Facebook sometime in the next week, and you can see the all the amazing costumes yourself when we open next Friday!

Speaking of opening night, the cast and crew have been hard at work perfecting the show so we will be ready to amaze you next weekend. We are about to enter production week, which means we will all be spending the majority of our time in the theatre over the next few days! I plan on taking a ton of pictures to share with you all, and hopefully even some video; stay tuned to see what we come up with!

In addition to this, we also announced our Prince and Princess Tea this week! Ariel and her friends will be joining some of our young QAAW fans for a reception before our matinee performances, and tickets to this great event are selling fast! Click here for more info:

Pub Trivia is also still on for next week, though neither Mark nor I will be able to host due to production week rehearsals. I'm sad to have to miss it; my team has come in second place two weeks in a row! Be sure to check out Facebook page on Sunday evening for the trivia hint!

I’m off to pull together a few more things before the weekend hits. Happy Apple Blossom, everyone! I hope you all get a chance to go out and participate in some fun activities around town!