Spotlight on ... Brenda Ley!

Today’s Spotlight is the last in our “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Spotlight Series” and focuses on one of the show’s wonderful directors: the fabulous Brenda Ley!

Brenda has been hooked on theatre since she participated in her very first show. “My absolute favorite memory of theatre was the first role I ever had, at CenterStage,” she says. “The play was called The Last of Jane Austen, and I had this tiny, tiny part that didn't even get me to the stage - rather in front [of it]. The whole process of putting on the play was amazing, but I will never forget the first time I delivered a line to an audience. I was hooked! Live theatre draws people in. The audience becomes involved with the characters and vice versa. Hearing audience laughter or sniffling lets you know you are doing a good job; I think people are drawn to it for that reason. The characters come to life and in some way touch audience members; it becomes personal.”

After getting her start over at CentreStage, Brenda also began to work with QAAW. “I first got involved with Quick As A Wink when auditions were posted for The Odd Couple: Female Version,” she says. “Having loved that play, I auditioned and won the role of Olive, the slob. I did another play with Quick As A Wink the following year. [Five Women Wearing the Same Dress] is my first time back to the boards at Quick As A Wink.”

Brenda’s return to QAAW has been a positive one; she feels especially grateful to have worked with such a great cast. “My favourite thing about directing this show was to see the ensemble come together and support each other,” she says. “The absolute best moment comes when you cease to see the actor, but you see only the character.  It's amazing, and I know I've scared them by jumping up and yelling “YES!” from time to time!”

In addition to her involvement in the arts, Brenda loves engaging in a variety of other activities with her family and friends. “Outside of theater, we are active, outdoors people,” she says. “In the winter you can find us snowshoeing and in spring and summer in our kayaks on the lake. And when Pearl Jam plays in Canada, you will find me in that audience!”

Thank you for all your contributions to Quick As A Wink, Brenda! It has been a pleasure to work with you, and we hope we get a chance to do so again soon!

Tomorrow we will be transitioning into “Spotlight on …” pieces on those involved in our upcoming production of The Little Mermaid, so stay tuned!

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