Summer Student Blog Post: Guess Who's Back?

Hello, everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ally, and I am a Marketing Assistant and Summer Theatre Day-Camp Leader at Quick As A Wink this summer!

Three t-shirts, three great summers. I can't wait to see what this fourth year brings!

I have been involved with Quick As A Wink for over a decade now. My first encounter was when I was very young, when I was cast in 2003’s Act One Scene One of Glory Days, QAAW’s very first performance! After a seven year hiatus, I appeared in the 2010 production of King Island Christmas, and now I am taking the stage again as Flotsom in next month’s production of The Little Mermaid. This marks my first QAAW production in six years (unless, of course, you count my joining our campers onstage as the Magic Carpet during 2014’s summer camp production of Aladdin Jr.) It’s been wonderful being onstage again, and the cast is amazingly talented. It’s going to be a great show!

Tah-dah! I'm back!
A recent snapshot of me in NYC.

In addition to being excited about the show, I am also excited to be getting back to work. This year, the summer of 2016, marks my third consecutive summer working for QAAW; however, what you may not know is that this is actually my fourth summer assisting with our annual summer camps! I volunteered as a camp leader back in 2012 when our campers performed A Dragon in the Mix, only to return as a QAAW employee in 2014 for Captains and Crews and Aladdin Jr. and again in 2015 for Charlotte’s Web and our Musical Theatre Showcase. I just can't stay away! I always have so much fun at these camps and cannot wait for them to start up again this year.  If you want more info on our summer camps or are looking to register, click here!

Today is my first day back to work; I’ve already been doing some work on July’s summer camps and am about to begin reaching out to the local schools regarding coming in to give presentations. I love presenting about our summer camps because I get to meet lots of new people, play games with a bunch of great kids, and spread the word about all the fun we’re going to have this summer.

I will be posting regularly throughout the summer to keep everyone in the loop regarding what I’ve been up to and what future projects we at QAAW have in store for you. In the meantime, though, duty calls! I have presentations to schedule!

Catch you later this week!