Spotlight on ... Hillary Webb!

The third “Spotlight” in our “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Spotlight Series” is on the brilliant Hillary Webb!

Hillary took the QAAW stage for the first time just this past January. “I first became involved with Quick As A Wink with Annie,” she says. “Annie was the first live-theatre I ever experienced when I was seven; it was Composite High School's production in Fort McMurray, and it was my pivotal ‘theatre starting point.’ The actors looked like they were having so much fun, and I wanted to, too! When I heard Annie was being put on locally, I had to be a part of it! Luckily, I got cast as Lily St. Regis, and we had an absolute blast putting the show on, just as I had imagined when I was seven!  I was also a part of the marketing team with Mark Wainman back in 2013.”

Of course, Hillary was no stranger to acting before her involvement with Quick As A Wink; she has been involved in numerous performances and with many companies over the years. “I do a lot of theatre with Quick As A Wink, Edalene Theatre in Wolfville, and CentreStage in Kentville,” she says. “The best thing about live theatre is bringing an emotional experience to an audience member 20 feet away. Whether the story makes them laugh, cry, joyous, or shrivel with disgust, they are experiencing it alongside you, and that is very powerful. I think people are drawn to the intimacy of theatre; the characters are so close, and they become real. Their stories and emotions are relatable, and good theatre always gets an audience thinking. I have many theatre memories, so it is very hard to choose [a favorite] one; I did play Maureen in Rent a few years ago, and the "Over the Moon" monologue is still a favorite!”

Hillary is looking forward to taking the QAAW stage again next weekend in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. “[My character] Trisha is a bit of an enigma, which is why she's been my most challenging role,” she says. “I think people will be surprised by this, because she's just a woman, acting like a woman, but she's very strong and calming and her presence commands attention, which is hard to play subtly without making her seem pompous. I love how real she is, without being a caricature, and how her layers slowly start to peel away throughout the show. This show is also exciting for me as it is my husband's first time to the stage, and it's been a great experience to work alongside him.”

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress is Hillary’s second show with QAAW, and she hopes it will not be her last! “I'm very excited about Quick As A Wink's Into The Woods show coming up in the fall,” she says “This is another favorite of mine, and I would love to be a part of it! I'm particularly partial to musicals, and who doesn't love a great fairy tale?”

When she’s not performing, Hillary has a number of other passions she loves to explore and pursue. “I'm an aspiring home chef, mainly because I love to eat," she says. "I love stand-up comedy, and when the rare opportunity hits, I love a great book!”

Thank you for all your contributions to QAAW, Hillary! We cannot wait to see you bring the character of Trisha to life, and we hope we will get to work with you again in the future!

You can see Hillary perform in our upcoming performance of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, opening Friday, March 11th! For more information about the show or to purchase tickets, click here!

Stay tuned for further “Spotlights” on the cast and crew of this fantastic show! New articles in our “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Spotlight Series” will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday.