Spotlight on ... Ashley Langille!

Today’s “Spotlight,” the second in our special “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Spotlight Series,” is on the awesome Ashley Langille!

Ashley has been involved with Quick As A Wink for roughly two years now. “I ran into Michelle Herx at a little café in town back in 2014, and she told me about a part that needed to be filled immediately for Steel Magnolias,” she says. “I told her that I was thinking about joining Quick As A Wink, and she said I would be perfect for the part. She called Alan, the director, while we were still in the café and set up an audition. I like to think it was fate because the character [of Annelle] fit me perfectly.”

Ashley is very passionate about acting and the bond it creates between actors and audience members. “I really love live theatre because I think it is very intimate,” she says. “It allows you to really connect to the characters because you have real people right in front of you. I think people are drawn to it because of this reason. I think just like the actors on stage you can really get lost in the characters and forget about your daily life just for a minute.”

Even when she is not onstage, Ashley remains heavily involved in the arts. “I really have a strong passion for music [...] and using my music and passion of acting to help the community. This is probably what I spend most of my spare time doing. Piano is my main instrument of choice, but I also love playing the guitar. My partner is a musician, and my four year old is starting to show interest, so my favorite is when we have little family jams.”

 Though her love of theatre runs deep, Ashley herself has only taken up acting within the last few years. “I think [my biggest theatrical accomplishment has been] just joining theatre in general!” she says. “As a child, I’d always wanted to be an actress. I grew up a musician instead, but it brought me to theatre. In 2012, I had a friend that was in a little non-profit dinner theatre group called Accidental Actors, and they needed someone to fill in that could sing and play guitar. I joined them for a couple of shows and got hooked! [Accidental Actors] is a great group doing really great things for the community, and I am really proud to be a part of it! Five Women Wearing the Same Dress is only my second play with Quick As A Wink, but I also just landed a role as Flotsam in The Little Mermaid, which I am excited for! It will be my first evil character and my very first musical!”

Ashley plans to continue acting following The Little Mermaid and would especially love a chance to perform in another Disney show. “If any theatre does Beauty and the Beast, I would love to play a role in that,” she says. “It was my favorite Disney movie growing up!”

You luckily need not wait until June to see Ashley take the QAAW stage again; you can catch her this month as Frances in our performance of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress! “[Frances] is a very sweet, innocent, Christian girl who is stuck hanging out with a group of ‘not so innocent’ girls,” Ashley says. “She’s quite sheltered with life experiences compared to the other girls, and it’s actually quite funny! I love playing Frances because she’s a very likeable character and very different than my own personality. I love pretending to be somebody else for a night! It’s like an escape.”

Thank you for all your contributions to QAAW, Ashley! We cannot wait to have you onstage for two different shows with us this season!

You can see Ashley perform in our upcoming performance of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, opening Friday, March 11th! For more information about the show or to purchase tickets, click here!

Stay tuned for further “Spotlights” on the cast and crew of this fantastic show! New articles in our “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Spotlight Series” will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday.