Spotlight on ... Josie Lake!

The fourth person to be featured in our “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Spotlight Series” is the caring and passionate Josie Lake!

Josie has been involved with QAAW since 2007. “I got involved with Quick As A Wink when I was home schooling our oldest daughter, and she wanted to use theatre as one of her community programs to be involved with,” she says. “Over time, she moved on, and I stayed. Sleepy Hollow was our first show. Since then, I’ve been involved in many shows on the stage, behind the stage, directing, and was on the Board until I had to leave due to work in 2011. Then this September, I accepted a teaching position with Hants Learning Network Association, so I was free to act again. Before I could find something to audition for, Lisa [Lee] messaged me and asked me to be involved with Five Women. Of course I jumped on it and dove back into the theatre head first! I am now back on the Board for 2016 as Chair.”

After so many years and different types of involvement with us, Josie has great number of QAAW memories. “Winning a Winkie was pretty awesome!” she says. “I got Save of the Day in the 2010 Awards for a save with Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I also enjoyed directing our murder mystery show; it was really cool to see the audience get involved with the show. Helping everyone get into character and come out of their shells was fabulous.”

Despite all these happy memories, Josie has been creating many new ones through playing Georgeanne in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. “I think Five Women is one of my favourite shows so far. Georgeanne is a romantic mess who is sure to make you laugh! She is a bit of a train wreck, really. I love being Georgeanne; she allows me to push the limits and be on the outside how many of us women feel on the inside.”

Following Five Women, Josie is looking forward to tackling new acting challenges. “I would love to be in the fall show, Into the Woods!” she says. “I have often played the off-the-wall or nemesis characters and love it - the more out there the character the better. I think the best part of live theatre, for me, is to be able to entertain. Entertaining is in my blood. When I left the theatre, it was to teach fitness - Zumba specifically - so I like being able to make people forget the world for a minute and just enjoy the moment. “

Theatre isn’t the only thing Josie is passionate about; she also takes great joy in helping others and in other areas of the arts. “I love my job working with adult learners,” she says. “I am a computer technologies teacher, and it is so rewarding. I am also still a licensed Zumba instructor, so music and dance is a passion, too.”

Thank you for all your contributions to QAAW, Josie! It is wonderful to have you back with us, and we look forward to seeing what you do next!

You can see Josie perform in our performance of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, opening tonight, Friday, March 11th! For more information about the show or to purchase tickets, click here!

Stay tuned for further “Spotlights” on the cast and crew of this fantastic show! New articles in our “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress Spotlight Series” will be posted over the next week.