Spotlight on ... Alex Hare!

This week’s “Spotlight” is on the humble and humorous Alex Hare!

Alex has been involved with QAAW since he was very young, having first become involved back in 2007. “My sister and I auditioned to be in Sleepy Hollow, a musical dinner theatre being put on for the Pumpkin Festival Weekend,” he says. “I was about to go into middle school, so I would have been 11 years old. I continued to be in productions after Sleepy Hollow; the addiction began early on for sure! I was involved with Quick As A Wink productions for about five or six years. Some other shows that really stuck out for me were You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown [in 2008] and King Island Christmas [in 2010].”

Unfortunately, due to his studies, it has been some time since Alex has been able to take the Quick As A Wink stage; his love for theatre, however, remains strong, and he credits QAAW and theatre with having helped shape him into the person he is today. “Theatre definitely played a huge role in developing my confidence,” he says. “As a kid, I never found it easy to be super social, but I got infinitely better at it from being surrounded by such open-minded and inspiring people in Quick As A Wink. Middle school and high school are weird times for a lot of teens, and being involved with Quick As A Wink helped in making those years a lot more fun for me.”

Of course, Alex’s love for theatre did not end after middle and high school. “I’m still really passionate about theatre and love going to see shows whenever I can; it’s definitely a love that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life,” he says. “I think that it’s a thrill for the person on the stage, but almost equally so for their friends and family watching them. The person on stage gets a rare opportunity to be something completely different from themselves without fear of judgment, and that’s a powerful thing. It gives you confidence and reminds you that it’s simpler than you think to become the person you want to be. It’s exciting for those watching, too, because they get to witness a familiar face and voice being used in such a different manner.”

Alex still treasures his QAAW memories today. “Not going to lie, the snack breaks during Sunday rehearsals were really exciting events for me,” he jokes. “But in actuality, I have plenty of favorite memories from my time with Quick As A Wink! The cast parties are always a great time; theatre people are generally pretty outgoing and energized, [so] you could organize the simplest of get-togethers and it would still be a hilarious night.  I remember after every show [of YAGMCB,] most of the cast would go to Tim [Horton]’s to get doughnuts. The people I met through Quick As A Wink were reason for most of these great memories for sure.”

Though he has been away from the stage for some time, Alex hopes to return someday. “Being involved in a production of In the Heights would make my life complete,” he says. “I don’t care if I played a tree; it would be enough.” For now, though, he has a number of other hobbies and interests keeping him busy! “I love playing and listening to music,” Alex says. “I’ve played alto saxophone since I was 11, so that’s something I really enjoy. I’m also very into science and environmentalism. I’m currently doing a BSc in Math and Chemistry and hope to go on to do some form of environmental work. I love to read pretty much anything, when I have time, and I’m a big fan of watching Netflix until I cannot see straight. Running is also a pretty consistent past-time for me; gotta keep those lungs strong to belt along with show tunes!”

Thank you for all your contributions to Quick As A Wink, Alex! We have missed you in your absence and hope to work with you again someday!

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