Spotlight on ... Junie Hutchinson!

Today’s “Spotlight” is on a fantastic member of our Quick As A Wink community who has been involved with us since the very beginning – the wonderful Junie Hutchinson!

If you have been involved with QAAW at all over the years, you have most likely made Junie’s acquaintance; she joined Quick As A Wink during our initial creation back in 2003 and has been incredibly active since! “I heard that Michelle Herx was starting a community theatre and joined the Quick As A Wink Founding Board,” Junie says. “I was on the Board until I resigned early this year. Since 2003 I have served as Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Member at Large, Communications Chair, Website Chair, and my last position as Artistic Director.”

Junie’s involvement certainly doesn’t stop there; in fact, there are very few ways she hasn’t been involved with us! “I have done everything; worn many hats,” says Junie. “Aside from being on the Board, I was an actor in the first Act One, Scene One of Glory Days, and then became Glory Days' Stage Manager. I acted in many plays and musicals, have stage managed lots of shows, directed many shows, costumed, designed and built sets, designed posters, organized and ran the Quick As A Wink website, did fund-raising and marketing, organized and ran the Winkie Awards shows, organized and ran the first few summer children's theatre camps, hired and supervised summer students, wrote grants, organized, and wrote scripts for and ran the Windsor Ghost Walks. I've done Box Office, Front of House, and Sound Tech. The only thing I never got around to was Lighting Tech.”

Out of all these amazing accomplishments, however, Junie does have certain aspects of theatre she loves the most. “My favorite thing to do is directing,” Junie says. “I directed or co-directed about a dozen plays and musicals for Quick As A Wink. I love directing the comedies/farces. I have an innate sense of what an audience will enjoy. Neil Simon's Rumors in 2012 was my favorite show to direct. I have had fantastic casts in my shows. We usually spend rehearsal time laughing ourselves silly. I also love to design the sets. My background is in Architecture and I have a good eye for detail and am rather compulsive about set dressing and furniture placement. I used to drive my Stage Managers, Pat and Karen Court, crazy! But we worked very well together and I miss Pat a lot; she passed away in 2014.”

As you have likely guessed, Junie has an incredible passion for theatre. “I love live theatre for its benefits to children, and adults. We've seen many shy kids come out of their shells after being in a show, or in one of the theatre camps. Live theatre is very good for public speaking and self-confidence for anyone,” she says. “Audiences come to live theatre to escape. They want to be entertained, to spend two hours in another world. Live theatre is very different from film. Each performance is unique. The cast gets energy from the audience's responses. Since every audience is comprised of different people, you get different dynamics for each show.”

So how does Junie like to spend her time when she’s not working on a show? “There are hobbies other than theatre!?" she says. "It's been my life for the past twelve years, and I hope for many years to come! I spent my spring and summer directing the farce Leading Ladies for CentreStage TheatreMy next theatre adventures are acting in The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe at CentreStage Theatre opening November 6, and directing the dramatic comedy Enchanted April at CentreStage for April 2016. I also play the ghost Katie Mae in the Wolfville Ghost Walks, which run until October 31st.”

Thank you so much for all your wonderful contributions to Quick As A Wink, Junie! You always do such fantastic work and we greatly appreciate all you have done for us over the years. We are very lucky to know you, and wish you the best of luck on your future projects!

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