Spotlight on ... Ryan Alden Embree!

Today’s "Spotlight" is on our devoted supporter and talented musician, Ryan Alden Embree!

Ryan was a fan of QAAW before he became involved with us himself. “I first heard of Quick As A Wink when my friend Erica told me she was playing viola in the pit for Oklahoma,” he says. “I took an afternoon off to come check it out and was very impressed by the level of showmanship, professionalism and quality everyone put into their parts. A few months later, Katrina [Salmon] contacted me about playing in the pit of Little Shop of Horrors. Then shortly after that, I was asked to play the Winkie Awards as part of the Gala Band, which was another great experience!”

Despite his fondness for the Winkies, Ryan says his best Quick As A Wink experience was working on Little Shop. “The music was super groovy and fun, but with tinges of seriousness that all good musicals need,” he says. “One particular quirk not a lot of people may have caught - during the scenes where Audrey II wilts, it was me playing the wilt cue on guitar using a brass slide!”

Someday soon you may get to see Ryan take a break from the pit band to appear onstage! “While playing music is my primary talent, I'd love to return to the stage once again as an actor and singer!” he says.  “I think my dream role would have to be Sky Masterson from the Broadway staple Guys and Dolls! His character has so much moxie and spunk, and he has some of the best tunes in the entire show. Other dream roles would be Roger from Rent - the struggling guitarist aesthetic is one I know all too well! - and Billy Crocker from Anything Goes. Oh! Other dream role - Emmett from Legally Blonde!”

Ryan is an avid fan of the arts; he is currently pursuing a double major in Music Education and English at Acadia University. His artistic interests don’t stop there, either. “While my arts resume is fairly small, my biggest accomplishment to date has been writing, directing and recording some music for a short film I did in 2010 with a friend in high school as a tribute to the Canadians who fought in many skirmishes over the last century. Working as director, producer, and maestro was a challenge I'll not soon forget!”

When he's not studying or working with Quick As A Wink, Ryan enjoys spending his spare time composing music, playing video games, and reading a good book with a cup of black, dark roast coffee.

Thanks for all of your contributions to Quick As A Wink, Ryan! We look forward to one day working with you again!

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