Summer Student Blog Entry August 6: I Won't say Goodbye

love this girl!

love this girl!

I can’t believe I’m writing my final blog post! It seems like this summer has ended before it even began.

If you don’t like cheese, I suggest you close this tab now.

I don’t have the words to express how amazing of an experience this summer has been working for Quick As A Wink. I was welcomed into a family, and I will be very sad when I have to say goodbye. I want to say thank you to the theatre for this wonderful experience working for such incredible and unique individuals- I will be sure to return to Quick As A Wink in the future!

I was lucky to have such an amazing co-worker by my side this summer. Ally is such a caring and spunky person, she was a joy to work with. I know she will do great things in the future, wherever it may lead her.

I’m so grateful to have met and shared experiences with such amazing and gifted individuals. I know I have made some long-term friends this summer. Every memory I have experienced in working for Quick As A Wink holds a special place in my heart.

I’m so lucky to have been able to experience my future career at such a young age. It has strengthened my determination to complete my goals for the future. Having a taste of public relations has allowed me to strengthen my passion for working with people, and my passion for marketing.

Some of my favourite memories from the summer I experienced at the summer camps. There was no shortage of laughs, talent, or energy! As we had our final circle at the Musical Theatre camp last Friday, each of the children discussed what they had learned from the camp. I shared that although I don’t seem it (the kids can vouch for me), I am actually a very shy person, and working with the camps helped build my confidence. I will be sure to miss all of the children- each of them brought an amazing energy, and a love of theatre. I hope they all continue to hone the spark of the art within them.

I won’t say goodbye, because that implies we won’t see each other again. So, until next time, everyone. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your summer.