Summer Student Blog Entry August 4th: Fundraising, and the Beginning of the End

Kelsey, myself, Becky, Claire, and Meredith after an afternoon on the waterfront!

I can’t believe my second summer with Quick As A Wink has almost come to an end.

This week marks my last official week of work for the summer (though I have plans in place to do some volunteer work for QAAW this month, so I’m sure you haven’t seen the last of me yet!) It also marks my first week of work post-summer camps. It feels so weird not being at the hall rehearsing with our lovely actors. This will take some getting used to.

Claire hard at work face painting.

Camp being over doesn’t mean our work is done just yet, however; as Meredith mentioned in her blog post the other day, on Saturday we participated in Avon River Days. We walked in the parade with lovely ladies Lily (from Drama Camp) and Kiana and Becky (from Musical Theatre Camp,) singing songs from both camp productions as well as a number of Disney tunes. Following the parade, Meredith and I had a fundraising booth down on the waterfront. Becky stuck around to help us paint faces and we were joined by Claire, another lovely Musical Camp actress who came to help as well. Our friend Kelsey Van Blarcom also stopped by and became a living emoji, thanks to Claire's face painting skills. Overall, it was tons of fun painting faces and interacting with the public this Saturday, and it was awesome to have a chance to see some of our campers again! Thanks to everyone who came to visit us!

Today Meredith and I are back on the fundraising circuit, though we are currently still engaged in the planning stages at this point. We have a few ideas of fundraisers we’d like to put into action before the summer is over, so stay tuned for news on that as our plans develop!

This summer has flown by so quickly and I have enjoyed every minute. I’m already feeling nostalgic, and my work isn’t even done here yet! I’ll wait until my next post to share all of my favorite summer memories and get really emotional. *winks*

For now I’d better run; fundraisers don’t plan themselves! Be sure to check in later this week for what will likely be my last blog post of the summer.

Cheers, and I hope everyone is enjoying this great sunny weather!

- Ally